Eyes up, heart open

Carla Ten Eyck

August 2011

super awesome urban decay engagement session

What do you say when someone gives you the opportunity to not…. trespass and actually see some haunted scary craziness! What an amazing, crazy afternoon!! We had a great time exploring and learning some awesome history along the way! I love shooting and getting my learn on at the same time! My good friend the super talented Jim Altieri of Vintage Cinema came along as well… stay tuned for his take on our afternoon!!
Jaimie and Tom were so easy going and made our afternoon fly by!!

There was lots of cool stuff just laying Read More

bridgewaters south street seaport ny wedding

Earlier this summer on a rainy day in July I had the honor of photographing a bridesmaid of one of my former amazing brides- Cristina and Anthony were both in Melissa and Karate Mike’s wedding last year- and they were fun last year and even more fun this year!! To say that I absolutely ADORE their friends and family is quite an understatement! Many of them were back with us all here at Cristina and Anthony’s wedding and it felt like a reunion!
We started the day at the amazing Gild Hall Hotel right in Manhattan. Man, what an awesome, Read More

spring wedding at west river hall west haven ct

Super delayed craziness on this super duper adorable spring DIY vintage travel themed wedding!! Amie and Trevor had me when I saw their save the date video. It was chock full of personality and random facts about them that I just fell in love with! In the end, I felt like I was begging them to shoot their wedding!! Now these two have had the longest distance relationship- he is from Ireland, she from the United States. So the whole travel theme fit them pretty much perfectly!
I love, love LOVE how inventive and creative they were in their details. Read More

new york city highline engagement session

One of my new favorite places in New York was introduced to me by my sweet clients, Elysa and Russell. I had never been, but had heard many great things about it, and all of them were right! We started a little way in at the Highline and ended up walking the entire rest of the way! There was a new section that was very recently opened, so Elysa and Russell were even more excited to walk through for the first time and see all of the new things with me and my good friend Anna Briggs!

These two Read More

drury and ted’s elihu island wedding

Drury and Ted’s wedding was an beautiful, emotional affair filled with happy families, cute puppies, and softball on a warm summer day.
All in all, it was simply perfect.
A time-honored tradition started the wedding day off with a bang! A softball game between family and friends!
Super-duper thanks to my buddy, the amazing Sandra Costello. She took a ton of these photos, too!

The photo of sweet puppy Max is Sandra’s.

The chair photo above and the last photo below are Sandra’s.

I absolutely adored the simplicity of Drury and Ted’s tables. The Read More

golden lamb buttery engagement session

One of my most favorite places to photograph, at any time of the year. The Golden Lamb Buttery in the sweet northeast corner of our little state of Connecticut! Talia and Jeremy are one of THE most laid back couples I have ever photographed. They told me they were so excited and nervous, but you tell me if they look that way??? Yeah. No way!
As Jazzy pointed out, they both totally reminded us of the movie / book Like Water for Elephants. I still have yet to see the movie but the book was one of my absolute favorites.Read More

RIP blankie aug 2004 – aug 2011

Last week we lost blankie while vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard. It seems so… permanent. She is gone forever. I am so devastated. See, I bought blankie for my little girl Georgie before she was born. This blankie was a bit of a place holder at that point. See, in my eyes I thought she would be temporary until I could make her a blankie myself. You know, with all of my free time being a new mom to my second child.
What I didn’t realize then was that there wouldn’t come a time for me to make that blankie Read More

don’t quit your day job c10!

There are many things that get factored in to helping you choose a photographer for your wedding. Over and over, we- the photographers- hear that in the end, when it’s all said and done, the only thing that is different about each of us ends up being… ourselves, not so much as photographers. But as people. Which is great, right? And obvious, duh, I know! Of course we are all different. But the hardest part ends up being how we show that to our potential clients… sometimes we don’t get the chance to even meet our clients until their wedding Read More

laura and derek’s hamden, ct wedding

A few weeks ago I photographed Laura and Derek’s wedding day amidst a sea of familiar faces from my hometown. With such a great couple, their two loving families and an energetic (and extended) wedding party, it was a day built for fun. Thank you to the super nice and oh so talented Tania Sones for shooting with me and contributing so many great images below. Thank you as well to Eric Brushett for both assisting and shooting, and turning out some great shots. Congratulations Laura and Derek!



Read More

new britain museum of art engagement session

Earlier this spring I had an engagement session that combined the best of both worlds for me. My husband Dave joined me on a fabulous afternoon at this sweet gem of a museum, The New Britain Museum of Art. I had this idea to combine Claire and Kevin’s love of art… with a little twist. I made Dave and Jasmine be a prop of sorts during our shoot!
One of my favorite parts of the gallery is this funky wall, right when you walk in.

To add to the whole feel of this shoot was the stunningly Read More

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