Eyes up, heart open

Carla Ten Eyck

April 2010

costa rica editorial shoot day two

On our second day in Herradura our hosts from coordinated a sunset cocktail hour at one of the most beautiful places to see a sunset in Costa Rica- Villa Caletas- and it was just right down the road! At one point I saw a pair of Scarlet Macaws fly by which I have to say was way better than the bizarre interpretive yoga dancing we got treated to during the sunset. It was a little distracting and I have to add very very hard to keep a straight face during, because I am one silly gal! Here Mark was Read More

ten eyck tuesday lighting video

My buddy and fellow CT photographer Jim Alteri came to our last Ten Eyck Tuesday Lighting Workshop and put together this really amazing video short of the class. I have to say, Mami looks pretty swell in slo mo!!! It was a fun day and to see it again thru Jim’s eyes made me laugh out loud! Mostly because again, I am so stinking cute in slo mo!!! And in real life. I hug!!
Check it out!

Ten Eyck Tuesday – Lighting Workshop from Jim Altieri on Vimeo.

Thank you SO much Jim for doing such Read More

costa rica day one scouting

After returning from my family vacation in Mexico I unpacked and repacked to head out to a dream destination of mine- Herradura Costa Rica. Now I have been to Costa Rica before for a vacation and I loved it, all of it- from the scary crazy zip lines to the laid back and friendly nature of pretty much everybody in the country. It was beyond amazing. So to go back for a photo shoot was something that I didn’t even know was a dream for me until I was smack in the middle of it!
So like our New Orleans Read More

joe and erin jonathan edwards vineyard engagement session

Going back in time a bit there was this engagement session that I had with my very wonderful clients Joe and Erin. The location? The beautiful Jonathan Edwards Vineyard…

I love the wine stained barrels

one of my faves…cafe table snuggling

Snuggling, my favorite. Like, all the time

While I love this shot, it was really just an excuse to lay in the grass

and piggy back rides!

stone wall snuggling!

random white barn snuggling!

The lovely Miss Erin

Picnic table snuggling
Read More

april ten eyck tuesday

So this past month or so has been a little busy for me- I am confident I have been annoying everyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook with my constant updates! It’s just so much easier to update when you are sitting in an airport vs sitting in front of a computer, you know? So during one of my quick stops home in between Costa Rica where our team headed for an editorial shoot- more on THAT adventure later, I promise!!- and Arizona / New Mexico for another shoot (can’t wait to blog that shoot as well but Read More

for every action there is a reaction

…right? Is it me though, or is our once-positive and strong, supportive and collaborative photography community at large falling apart before all of our very eyes??
There have been some crazy blogs out there, written anonymously, of course- that poke fun at the ‘celebrity’ wedding photographers out there in the world. I’m not going to lie, when I first saw them I laughed- and even forwarded the blog to friends! I cannot believe that people would write some of the very things that I laughingly thought about some of the very same people. I am woman enough to admit this Read More

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