Eyes up, heart open

Carla Ten Eyck



Got your technical stuff down and want to take your images to the next level?? Learn how even the smallest changes in body language can take your so-so image to a WOW image and really understand why! get yourself out of your posing rut (come on, we ALL know we get stuck in them!) and maximize your variety of great images that you show your clients with minimal changes to their pose- all without making them feel like they are posing for a Sears catalog! Contrary to popular belief- namely what our clients may think– you CAN achieve a really relaxed and comfortable feel while posing even if your clients need to be completely micromanaged! Let’s face it, YOU are  the expert on this, they are looking to you for guidance.

Apply all of these posing strategies to your wedding day to help you get rid of the dreaded ‘deer in headlights’ syndrome we all can get when faced with only 15 minutes of time to shoot all of the formals!

Carla will tap into these six ways of learning to benefit every attendee, since everyone learns differently:

  • seeing tangible photographic examples of every technical topic during the lecture portion
  • hands on experience while shooting, one at a time
  • watching Carla shoot while explaining what she is seeing and why she is making the choices she is
  • watching other attendees shoot
  • downloading and seeing your work
  • participating in a class critique at the end!


Carla's workshops are the best. They are truly hands on and she knows intuitively how to lead you to real insights. I recommend attending to anyone who is serous about their craft. Ben Simmons

Make the most of your locations and lighting situations with creative solutions to common shooting problems. Can you say reflector? Hello!

Really understand your gear and what it can do for you- and more importantly- how to use it!

You will go out and shoot on-location in Hartford with Carla and subjects for the day- nothing like some good old fashioned hands on experience!

Class size is limited to FIVE participants only in order to really get that one on one time and hands on instruction with Carla.


The class ends with an interactive critique of your images on what worked, what didn’t and how to make it better the next time you are at a shoot!

Then enjoy a home cooked lunch and upload your images.


C10 Studio
24 Lorraine Street
Hartford CT
9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
What to bring:
  • DSLR camera with lenses
  • Laptop or iMac
  • Card Reader
  • CF Cards
  • A good attitude!
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