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Carla Ten Eyck

Dynamic Details

Did you know you could tell a whole story just by the way you shoot the details from a wedding? Not sure how? Come see how Carla photographs details- whether it’s a high end wedding or taking place in a VFW hall- it honestly doesn’t matter! In addition, magazines and blogs are hungry for beautiful detail shots! This is a major determining factor in whether your wedding will be featured or not! Once you have the fundamentals down on how to approach shooting the details, you will create a strategy and system that works for you at every event!

Not sure which lenses are good for which details? Come see how Carla switches her lenses up to get the most impact from each detail! She even has some interesting lens combos and strategies that may surprise you…! Learn how your lenses can see the scene, and what camera settings utilize the best pictures for your clients and your vendors! In this hands-on shooting workshop she will focus on photographing the inanimate objects that can really add to the day. Don’t let plastic forks ruin your day anymore- shoot them like they are prized silver!

Carla's workshops are the best. They are truly hands on and she knows intuitively how to lead you to real insights. I recommend attending to anyone who is serous about their craft. Ben Simmons

Make the most of your locations and lighting situations with creative solutions to common shooting problems. Can you say reflector? Hello!

Really understand your gear and what it can do for you- and more importantly- how to use it!

You will go out and shoot on-location in Hartford with Carla and subjects for the day- nothing like some good old fashioned hands on experience!

Class size is limited to FIVE participants only in order to really get that one on one time and hands on instruction with Carla.


The class ends with an interactive critique of your images on what worked, what didn’t and how to make it better the next time you are at a shoot!

Then enjoy a home cooked lunch and upload your images.


C10 Studio
24 Lorraine Street
Hartford CT
9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
What to bring:
  • DSLR Camera with a variety of lenses
  • Stuff for taking notes
  • A computer for editing your images
  • A good attitude!
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