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Carla Ten Eyck

pictage’s partner con in new orleans 2010

WHO DAT! The past month feels like such a whirlwind month for me, and I am no stranger to the whirl o’ the wind let me tell you! After my Day of the Dead opening with my pops, then an awesome hometown CT wedding we were OFF to New Orleans for Pictage’s Partner Con 2010. Now I have been to many a photo workshop / seminar / trade show in my day. I have to say- this was one of the best this year! It was packed with emotional hot topics right in Pictage CEO Jim Collins’ opening speech! He hit on so many touchy subjects for us – it was refreshing to hear and get out in the open. Golf clap for Jim!

So this year I was incredibly honored to be one of the shooting workshop leaders! My subject: posing and how to really maximize your time and still get a variety of looks with minimal changes.

Here are my awesome workshop participants! We had peeps from alllll over the globe! From NY to Hawaii and NOLA’s own Fast Eddie!

During my shooting workshops I really enforce the ‘only one person shooting at a time’ rule, so everyone took a knee and got their learn on while each photographer got their chance at bat. Miss Rebecca Hales was documenting the whole thing, and Mike Duval from Lens Pro to Go was there to let my participants try some sweet Nikon Glass! WE LOVE LENS PRO!! baby!!!

These Patterson sisters were close talkers! Beth and Alice are the Syracuse NY PUG leaders! We love the ‘cuse!

Our couple model was none other than my great friends Paul and Krystal– fresh off their wedding in CT which was EPIC and aAWESOME! They are also both epic and awesome and BRAVE. Check out that DIZ-biz-BO rat trap!! Grody!

Let’s Clapp it out for my boy Kenny CLAPP from Baltimore WAY! Kenny was one of the most pleasant surprises our little CT group had for the week we were there! We absorbed Kenny into our group like he was our own and we all miss him terribly!

Miss Rebecca got our group shot and added in one of my favorite moves- the FAKE LAUGH! As I always say ‘IT’S ONLY FAKE FOR A SECOND!’ And yes, I shout it! As I fake laugh. For a second.

So after the class officially wrapped, we stayed back with the sweet glass from Lens Pro to GO and played. Mike was kind enough to show me how to actually use the 45mm tilt shift! And so I got my tilt on! And my shift! blooooooooooooop! OK just kidding, not with this shot! But! Now you can see what it does! Keep scrolling!

Yes I said scroll! Remember when that only applied to ancient…. SCROLLS! Check out the sweet soft spots around the frame

Kenny Clapp, clapping it out!

Mike shooting Alice shooting me with the Nikon 200 mm 2.0. I am sure she got up close and personal with my grill!

Hi Mike!

On eof my faves of McNerney!!!!!

One of the things I love about the 45mm tilt shift is that you can get super close! Uncomfortably close!

My buddy and model extraordinarre Max LaManna came along as well to model and it only took seconds to have him disrobe! WHO DAT! More tilt shift loveliness!

The C 10 NOLA Partner COn 2010 crew! Man I’m short!

We headed on back to our favorite joint- Something Else Cafe for an EGG IN DA HOLE!!!! and grits with no cheese, only buttah n salt!

Because I just can’t stop sometimes…. we kept on going after breakfast! And had a CT shooting party! OK, I was the only one shooting from CT but I just couldn’t stop! All of these were shot with the Nikon 45mm tilt shift.

This bar – The Absinthe- was our JAM! And they made the best Hurricanes!

Come on

Our CT crew runs deep! And Candace and Josh were part of the pack!


I loved this wall!

These next few were fun!

I love how in focus the lady in the fore ground is, and how in focus Candice is!!

Josh was so freaking funny I was loving chatting this guy up the whole week!!!

My always model Miss Rebecca Hales!!! I love photographing her!

She was thinking of her husband Jared here…..

This girl. she is off the hook fun, I miss her so much! Say a big hello to Miss Danielle Fuller!

Double blonde!

Had to end on this shot again!!!! Thanks guys for everything, I had a blast and hope you did too!! See you next year!!



  • Carla is an amazing photographer/ friend/ and a all-around great person!
    Great models/ newlyweds: Paul & Krystal.
    Rebecca: fun and enthusiastic person
    KENNY CLAPP! CLAPP it up!!!
    My first time at partner con, and new Orleans( N’awlins). New Orleans likes to party! Doesn’t matter what day it is!

  • umm…that was such a fun morning! you’re adorable…so sad i missed max w/o a shirt…so sad i had to leave early…so glad you’re my new bff!!! see you soon! i will be shooting with you again asap…you are really good at learnin’ us some rad skills!!!!! happy thanksgiving!!!

  • This was so much fun! I can’t wait to go again! What a great group we had for the workshop. Great pictures as always Carla. Thank you for always photographing me! XOXO


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