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the ocean house behind the scenes

Waaaaaaaaay back in the sunny old month o’ May Candice of Jubilee Events and I co-hosted and taught a workshop called Collaborate and Create at the super cali-fabulous Ocean House in Watch Hill Rhode Island. The gist: how to organize, set up and run your own editorial shoot! It was almost a week PACKED with learning, networking and most of all, LAUGHING (you know I love to laugh)- the true spirit of our group came together and we had a grand old time!

Now, one of the things I love to hate about doing these shoots is the time span between when I do them, and when I can show the images to anyone! It’s a constant struggle for me because I get so excited to share- but with things needing to be exclusive online, and if it’s going to be published it’s an even longer time we need to wait…

Part of the goal of our workshop was to get the attendees published online or in print- and our first gal up at bat- Miss Hildi Todrin of Crane Song Photography got our shoot from Day 1 at the Ocean House up on one of (if not THE) most widely read wedding planning blogs- Style Me Pretty last week! You can check it out HERE!

One of the most important things to teach about doing an editorial shoot, in my opinion, is how to run your team. No man is an island, and it cannot be better illustrated than during a shoot! There are so many moving parts to the day, and getting people to not only do what is needed but to be happy and psyched about doing it is something I think I do a good job at! Enthusiasm is contagious! Just see how happy Diana is in that golf cart! She is psyched!

Watching Tony of Datura A Modern Garden and Candice work that table together is better than watching football! It is like an elegant dance with a lot of sweat and a lot of laughs! And some sharp knives and tape!

Hildi does what she has to DO to get a different perspective for her table shot! Here Miss Ni-CHOLE of Coral Pheasant shows off some props she brought to the shoot!

One of my faves: here is where I was and this is what I got shots! Go Greg Lewis for getting this!

It’s like a laughing convention! Amy and Dana of Dana Bartone and Company and Kelly of The White Dress by the Shore are yucking it up on set!

This is for you Tony 🙂

Thank you Greg Lewis for this beautiful detail shot here!

Modified prom 2010!! bloooooop!!

It’ s a chandelier…. or a jail!! We love being versatile!

Yes! Tony is Superman!

Danny Kash- one of my favorite people- shows how he can multitask! Texting AND holding the flower jail!


Pocket square!

Mandi and Dapper Dan are a legit couple- I cannot WAIT for their wedding this year!!!

One of my favorite behind the scenes shots EVER! Of Hildi doing some yoga AND shooting! Go Greg Lewis for getting this!

BIg, big thanks to everyone for all of their time energy and effort during this workshop and shoot!

Here is our team roster!

Candice Coppola of Jubilee Events

Tony Palmieri of Datura a Modern Garden

Beth Chapman of The White Dress by the Shore

Dana Bartone of Dana Bartone & Co.

Jimmmmayyyyy!!! of Jim Altieri’s Vintage Cinema

and Lens Pro to Go!

shot on location at The Ocean House in Watch Hill Rhode Island

Collaborate & Create Workshop from Jim Altieri on Vimeo.



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