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inspire boston: the shoots!

In addition to planning and attending inspire Boston 2011 in Concord MA this year, I had the pleasure of teaching two shooting workshops on wedding day posing. Shooting workshops are something that I am very passionate about teaching! Normally I limit my class size to only 5 per class to give as much one on one attention as needed. For the sake of teaching more I had bigger classes, and everyone was great!

My first couple were such troopers! Eric and Amber of RAW Photo Design were more than willing to freeze in the rain for some C10 snuggle time, and I was much obliged! Major props and thanks to my favorite dress shop: The White Dress by the Shore in Clinton CT! The stunning florals were by my homie Tony Palmieri of Datura A Modern Garden!

Here I illustrate my favorite pose: the C1o Modified Prom baby!! Try it sitting down, it’s awesome!

Eric’s gotta get his silly on, this guy is not very serious

Amber is fierce!!

She honestly needs no adornment!!

And he needs no head!

I was one of the documentarians of the conference so I popped in to see how RAW was doing at their workshop… it was COLD out but she is such a trooper!!!

My Wednesday class featured my favorite stylist of Dana Bartone and Company in Cheshire CT and not just because she is my own personal one! Yes, she is responsible for my pink ‘do!! Miss Catie Bane and her beau, Brandon agreed to come to Concord and be my models for the afternoon, and I was PUMPED! Now, these high school sweethearts have never seen each other dressed up in wedding day attire, so I decided to throw in a first look for the class and show them how I set one up!! How adorable are they!!!

Dress by the White Dress by the Shore, Tux by Bonardi’s (thank you Gina!!!) and Floral by Tony Palmieri of Datura a Modern Garden- beauty by Dana Bartone!

I got choked up when I saw them together and had to take a minute to compose myself, they are both dear friends and it was an emotional moment!!

We segued to the fierce look pretty seamlessly, I have to say!!!

Come on Tony!!! Love this bouquet!!


Really????? How adorable are these two!!

The back of this dress just begs to be photographed!!!

If you could see and hear me as I am sitting in front of my computer flailing loudly, you would be more than mildly embarrassed! But come ON!!!

Beauty by Miss Dana Bartone herself!!

I love Tony Palmieri! He knows I am always willing to have fun with whatever he whips up, check out his latest creation!!

Check out my awesome class!! Thanks everyone for being so great to work with!!!



  • Dude. Those images of Catie + Brandon are ridiculous! (I’m singing the word “ridiculous” in case you can’t hear me from downtown Hartford.) Beautiful work by a wonderful teacher xo.

  • I love everything about this! especially love the styling and floral art! gorgeous models, too

  • incredibly beautiful!!!! My fav is the detail of him holding the bouquet to the left with her out of focus in the background. Gorgeous!

  • Oh is this what you were doing while I was editing in my room? 🙂 Crazy nice shots and awesome work by your models and Tony!

  • You must be kidding me! OMG on these images and my girl Caite was a simply stunning and model. Props to Brandon, too, I think he actually enjoyed himself. Carla you nailed this!!! xoxo

  • Nooooo waaaay! Just got a look at these – they’re incredible…of course. Thank you so much for everything, you rock!

  • Catie bane

    umm so these are amazing! I love every single one! Awesome job Carla! thankyou to you,Tony,and Dana. Brandon and I had a blast 🙂

  • Robert Norman

    GREAT job and amazing images, even that cold, gloomy weather!


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