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Carla Ten Eyck

Inspire Boston 2010

This last week was the whirlwind to start the whirlwind of all whirlwinds for me… and the butterflies are still in my belly to prove it! So, to give you a little back ground: I was a part of one of the BEST photo retreats / conferences / seminars I have ever been a part of! BIG thanks to Matt and Enna Grazier for dreaming this up and then finding the means to make it happen!!

Inspire Boston 2010 was amazing. It was beyond amazing, to be perfectly honest. There were so many photographers new to the business and so eager to learn and so many people eager and ready to share. It was great. And! It was at the Colonial Inn in Concord, MA– which was totally HAUNTED!!

My portion of the conference involved a live shoot- I taught a mini version of my posing workshop. Lens Pro To Go– a generous sponsor of Inspire Boston and future Ten Eyck Tuesdays sponsor hosted my shoot at their amazing space!! My models were my close friends the super talented and super busy photographers Jennifer and Jerome Braga of Studio 1923!! Our girl Jennie Boom Boom aka Jennie Fresa came up to work her beauty magic! Accessories care of the awesome White Dress by the Shore!!

Here we go.

Check out my Bragas…!

Jen is so beautiful!! And Jerome is great even out of focus!

So there was this home made ring light, right? And so? What do you think happened next.

I had to change it up. And so I do.

And the tree was happy.

and then we got all Mr. and Mrs. Smith on each other! OK, well they started shooting me! Sounds violent but it was wonderful

Check out my dashing friend Mr. Jerome Braga!

What’s better than a Braga sandwich!!??

Being kissed by a Braga sandwich!! Jen was air-kissing me to spare me the lip gloss to cheek transaction that was going to happen – thanks girl!

Check out my class! SWALES! Robert Norman! Kris! They are some tall people

If you missed it this year, don’t miss it next year- Inspire Boston 2011 is going to be even better, if that is even possible!!

I’ll see you there!!



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