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inspire 2012 speaker line up!!

I am so excited to post the official list of speakers for the Inspire 2012 Photo Seminar! For those of you that don’t know- Inspire is one of the most intimate, personal and fun photography seminars out there. I have been honored to be a part of Inspire for three years now as a speaker and board member with an amazing team of fellow photographers led by the dynamic duo of Matt and Enna Grazier of Grazier Photography! They had a dream and worked long and hard to make it a reality to better their photography community. I am so, so humbled to be a part of their team.

Every year I have taught a shooting workshop at Inspire, because, well- I not only love shooting, I love teaching people how to see things while shooting. This year, after much thought, I have decided to change it up… and after many people asking me not only how I find the amazing people I have to work at the studio, but also how to get them to stay!.. and be happy…! I decided to make a presentation out of it. It will basically be Mike sitting up there talking about how much I verbally abuse and threaten him to stay, but whatever!

All kidding aside, as I am putting this presentation together it has given me quite an opportunity to really think about this. How much is personality based, and how much can you really be in control of? What if you are not a natural leader, but a shy, introverted person who struggles with communication?

How many of you out there have been toying with the idea of hiring even one person- and this applies to a steady second shooter. You still have to manage them! I can’t tell you how many times I hear stories from people unhappy with something someone does, and rather than sit down and have an uncomfortable conversation they just never work with them again…! Can you see how fast you will run out of people to shoot with you? I can see you smiling as you read this, because you know I am talking to you!!

Come hear how a former manager of many vowed to NEVER manage people again… and now, is eight employees deep… see what changed!

Check out the full list of speakers at and register now! The early bird tickets are almost sold out- they are a savings of $100!

Inspire 2012 will be held at the Sturbridge Host in Sturbridge MA this year from March 26-28 2012.

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