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essex ct steam train engagement session

Quite a while back now, Jasmine and I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Trisha and Aaron’s train-themed engagement session. I have some clients who want to do something a little out of the norm for their shoot and I am always more than happy to oblige! Their wedding had a train theme, since they met on a train- so we thought it only fitting to work a train theme into their engagement shoot! And what a shoot we had… I can’t tell you how worked up we all got! Everything was perfect, Tricia and Aaron and how eager and willing they were to trust all that we wanted to do; their outfits! oh my god!! the light! the train itself! The colors! yeah. It was… overwhelming. We experienced the ‘runner’s high’ of shooting… it was, simply put. Absolutely. Amazing.

Beauty by the super talented ladies at Larissa Lake!!

Jazzy got this great shot on the left, and I got the shot of Aaron on the right- love the pairing here!

Getting this shot was challenging to get as the car was moving in and out of dappled light, I was bouncing around, literally and figuratively, and wanted to show the feeling of the train moving along!

These two. THESE. TWO.!!! They can do no wrong!

Yes. The train was moving while I got this- it was challenging and fun and exhilarating!

blaaaaahhhhhh! love this image so much!

So here we are on the train. Shooting. rocking the parlor car. Then the conductor says ‘you know we are headed to pick up a TON of people at the boat right? And there is a really cool empty red car right here…’ um. ok!!




Then we got off the train? And what what look at this light!!!! As if I had a single ounce of more energy left in me?!

Our friendly conductor was much obliged to be in our shot!




Jazzy’s shot here!!!


exactly. WHAT. THE. HELL.



I have nothing left to say. And… scene.



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