Eyes up, heart open

Carla Ten Eyck


june ten eyck tuesday

Well. Things are going full steam ahead here at the studio these past few months, and honestly, I couldn’t be happier! I mean, it would be nice if I had a pause button every once in a while- so that I could just stand back and….pause everything for a second. And take it all in. And marvel and how crazy my life is, but also how wonderful. How happy I am to work with such wonderful, honest and true people. But I know that once I un-paused the pause, things would go rushing by even faster…
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may ten eyck tuesday

Our May class was full of bright and cheery photographers, ready to get their shoot on. Which was perfect since we had our first rainy Ten Eyck Tuesday since I started doing these last year! As some of you may know, I am not one to be scared by inclement weather, I am all BRING IT ON!!! about it. Much to our fearless model of the month’s dismay, the one and only Miss Amanda Harris Herzberger! She got all fancified for us, only for me to be like, no, seriously, let’s rock out in the rain! What a good Read More

april ten eyck tuesday

Our May Ten Eyck Tuesday is BOOKED! If you are interested in joining us for an intense day of learning, shooting, eating and critiquing…and LAUGHING… sign up for our June class! There are only a few spots left for June!!

Yesterday’s Ten Eyck Tuesday photography workshop was a real success, despite the freezing winds! One would think that the cold would keep us in the studio, but nooooo…. I decided to break free for this class and so we traveled to downtown Hartford. I had it in my brain that a parking garage would be a good option since Read More

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