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Back to Basics Photography Workshop with Carla Ten Eyck

This September I dove back in to something I love second to photography: teaching photography! A long, long while back, I started teaching monthly workshops on a variety of topics ranging from the camera basics to lighting to posing to how to shoot details to the business of photography. There is so much to being a photographer. So much to even just doing this for fun, let alone as the main source of income for your family! There are so many ways to see, so many ways to interpret your subject and your idea and I just LOVE helping Read More

new photography workshops with carla ten eyck fall 2014

It feels weird to see how long of a hiatus I have take from teaching. After teaching for almost 7 years, every month straight! Especially when in the throes of teaching I am in my element- happy, alive, challenged, excited, electric, pumped, and just… at home. On some level my whole life I knew I wanted to teach, but never felt at home in a classroom. I hated the pressure of papers and tests and having to sit still! Although man I loved the smell of chalk on the chalk board! Except when it would squeak, then I didn’t enjoy Read More

my inspire photo retreat 2013 experience

This February was crazy. For so many reasons! That Blizzard. Man oh man was I bitter about this, but really only for the shoveling part, otherwise it was kinda pretty.
Aside from 36” of snow the next craziest part of my month was the shake up I got while attending the Inspire photography conference in Sturbridge. I am on the planning team, so nothing about this conference should have been much of a surprise, right. Like, I totally knew what we had planned! Because I helped planned much of it!
And yet.
The internal shake up that followed- and Read More

c10 posing workshop

I know, I know, it’s been a MINUTE since I posted on the blog about a workshop…. and I promise to post them soon, I have been working pretty hard on getting caught up, I swear! So in honor of that I am posting pictures from todays Posing Workshop! We had the super sweet Brooke and Jeremy in front of our cameras… and man, oh man….!! These two were fierce!! We decided to not brave the chilly weather for the whole day and shoot inside, and my favorite place to shoot inside is pretty much hands down Hartford City Hall. Read More

inspire boston: the shoots!

In addition to planning and attending inspire Boston 2011 in Concord MA this year, I had the pleasure of teaching two shooting workshops on wedding day posing. Shooting workshops are something that I am very passionate about teaching! Normally I limit my class size to only 5 per class to give as much one on one attention as needed. For the sake of teaching more I had bigger classes, and everyone was great!
My first couple were such troopers! Eric and Amber of RAW Photo Design were more than willing to freeze in the rain for some C10 snuggle time, Read More

the ocean house behind the scenes

Waaaaaaaaay back in the sunny old month o’ May Candice of Jubilee Events and I co-hosted and taught a workshop called Collaborate and Create at the super cali-fabulous Ocean House in Watch Hill Rhode Island. The gist: how to organize, set up and run your own editorial shoot! It was almost a week PACKED with learning, networking and most of all, LAUGHING (you know I love to laugh)- the true spirit of our group came together and we had a grand old time!
Now, one of the things I love to hate about doing these shoots is the time span Read More

pictage’s partner con in new orleans 2010

WHO DAT! The past month feels like such a whirlwind month for me, and I am no stranger to the whirl o’ the wind let me tell you! After my Day of the Dead opening with my pops, then an awesome hometown CT wedding we were OFF to New Orleans for Pictage’s Partner Con 2010. Now I have been to many a photo workshop / seminar / trade show in my day. I have to say- this was one of the best this year! It was packed with emotional hot topics right in Pictage CEO Jim Collins’ opening speech! He Read More

collaborate and create 2010 video

My great friend and co-conspirator Candice of Jubilee Events and I hosted our Collaborate and Create 2010 workshop at Watch HIll’s opulent The Ocean House in late May … and it was was such an incredibly fun and amazing time!! This place is a MUST SEE! They were so on the ball that during their big opening weekend they already had a wedding there!! Can we say on top of their game much??

I am still recovering…! I have a mega blog post on this in the works, but even before I was able to unpack (which I hate Read More

ten eyck tuesday lighting video

My buddy and fellow CT photographer Jim Alteri came to our last Ten Eyck Tuesday Lighting Workshop and put together this really amazing video short of the class. I have to say, Mami looks pretty swell in slo mo!!! It was a fun day and to see it again thru Jim’s eyes made me laugh out loud! Mostly because again, I am so stinking cute in slo mo!!! And in real life. I hug!!
Check it out!

Ten Eyck Tuesday – Lighting Workshop from Jim Altieri on Vimeo.

Thank you SO much Jim for doing such Read More

april ten eyck tuesday

So this past month or so has been a little busy for me- I am confident I have been annoying everyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook with my constant updates! It’s just so much easier to update when you are sitting in an airport vs sitting in front of a computer, you know? So during one of my quick stops home in between Costa Rica where our team headed for an editorial shoot- more on THAT adventure later, I promise!!- and Arizona / New Mexico for another shoot (can’t wait to blog that shoot as well but Read More

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