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rob and jen urban engagement shoot

Last week, on one of our more beautiful days, Mike and I had our engagement shoot with my October couple, Rob and Jen. Now I say ‘my’ for the simple fact that Mike will not be technically shooting this wedding with me. He has the honor of being the best man in their wedding! Rob and Mike grew up together, and Rob was Mike’s best man at his wedding. Now all I have to say is watch out Rob, I am sure Mike will have some tricks up his sleeve! And I will be there to catch it all….
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rediscover: childhood

I am making a concerted effort to be a little more well rounded, in more ways than just my portly physique. See, my husband Dave basically pointed out that I am pretty one-dimensional. No offense was taken, as that was not the intent of how it came about. But everything in my life revolves around photography. Everything. It’s always

download drive thru divx on my mind.
So I started to look at myself and try to see who I really was. What am I all about? Besides photography. And I love my family Read More

kiira and james san francisco anniversary shoot

Yes. That’s how you spell her name!
Moving on…. Mike and I had the very very good fortune of having the opportunity to photograph Kiira and James all around San Francisco this past Easter Sunday. Let me start by saying that James is Mike’s cousin. So, I was expecting a kind of shy quiet guy. Can I tell you how wrong I was? Not only does this guy TALK, he makes me belly laugh with his crazy observations (not that Mike doesn’t mind you) but James is like a constant stream of consciousness way that kept me laughing my butt Read More

featured on davina fear’s blog

Many of you know the wonderful talented Davina Fear

The Banger Sisters divx

Sixty Six ipod
Mommie Dearest film

. Not only is she a wonderful photographer but she also has this great series called Women in Business where she interviews women that run their own studios. I was flattered and honored to be a part of this awesome series that features other crazy talented women in photography like Joy Bianchi, Julia Woods and Elizabeth Messina to name a few. To be in the same series as these women is just such Read More

jaime and chris wedding at the saybrook point inn

This past Saturday Mike, Katie and I shot our gregarious bride of many faces… Miss Jaime and her now husband Mr. Chris Thurber! If there is a poster for a New England church it has GOT to be the First Congregational Church of Old Lyme… how pretty was this church?!! We capped off the day with a hoppin’ reception at the fabulous and newly renovated Saybrook Point Inn in Old Saybrook CT.

Here are our photographic adventures from the day, complete with commentary from yours truly…. of course!

So, I shoot the rings, Read More

maternity shoot in where else? HARTFORD!!

Middletown psp
I’m a mind reader and I know you want more of Mr. and Mrs. Scobey! I know I do!! These two… well. Not sure what I could write would even remotely do their session justice. They are cute x 1,000,000 anyway and then add to the mix Ashley’s cute little belly, and then how in love these two still are with each other! I know, they look like they are like 12, but they have been in love since they were like…12 actually! So the reality is they have been in love longer than me and Dave, Read More

sage and young wedding at the peabody essex museum

A couple weeks ago Mike and I second shot for the super cali-fabulous Miss Shyla ! I met Shyla a few years back at Pictage’s Partner con in LA and just knew we would be friends. She has this infectious smile and energy and is easily one of the best photographers out there. At WPPI this year we discovered that she needed a second shooter for this incredible wedding in Boston in March and I absolutely jumped at the chance to learn from one of the best. Her clients, Sage and Young, are two of the most easy to Read More

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