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my inspire photo retreat 2013 experience

This February was crazy. For so many reasons! That Blizzard. Man oh man was I bitter about this, but really only for the shoveling part, otherwise it was kinda pretty.
Aside from 36” of snow the next craziest part of my month was the shake up I got while attending the Inspire photography conference in Sturbridge. I am on the planning team, so nothing about this conference should have been much of a surprise, right. Like, I totally knew what we had planned! Because I helped planned much of it!
And yet.
The internal shake up that followed- and Read More

vermont fashion editorial with carla ten eyck and dd nickel

One of my favorite things about my life is that I am surrounded by creative, spontaneous friends who are (lucky for me) always up for a fun day of taking pictures with me! Even when it’s twelve degrees out in Vermont in deep snow…! So the other fun thing about all of this is the dreaming up part. See, a few years back my great friend DD Nickel and Nichole (former client turned designer and head of Coral Pheasant turned C10 Bestie!) and I were chit chat paddwacking about doing a fun shoot in Vermont in the winter right after Read More

2013: the year of the personal project

Winter time is the time for (most) photographers to stretch out, take a seminar and get their learn on. Many wedding photographers don’t have weddings until the spring or early summer, so this can be a nice break. Me? Nah. There’s no crying in baseball and there’s no breaks for Mami! While a short teeny tiny break in say, St. John is nice (har har) a months long no shooting break would literally break my spirit! So what to do? I say it’s the absolute perfect time for educational things like workshops, seminars, retreats etc. and also for the personal Read More

david hockney, ophelia and critiquing paintings

**this was written this past spring, just got around to sharing it! Also. Please read in a British accent. It will sound way smarter! That is all. Cheers!
Right now I am in London shooting for one of my U.S. based commercial clients for the week and am just wrapping up today. We had some amazing meals, tasty fruity ciders that I HOPE we can find back in the states, and have done a great job for our client. All in all? A solid, pretty amazing week!
Some highlights so far (we still have a week in Paris left!) Read More

c10 posing workshop

I know, I know, it’s been a MINUTE since I posted on the blog about a workshop…. and I promise to post them soon, I have been working pretty hard on getting caught up, I swear! So in honor of that I am posting pictures from todays Posing Workshop! We had the super sweet Brooke and Jeremy in front of our cameras… and man, oh man….!! These two were fierce!! We decided to not brave the chilly weather for the whole day and shoot inside, and my favorite place to shoot inside is pretty much hands down Hartford City Hall. Read More

balance and chicken light

So there was this trip to Costa Rica a few years back, right. We meet some amazing locals who offer to help in any way we need- and boy, do they ever. They model, they let us borrow surf boards as props, they show us some pretty rad spots to shoot in… we are collectively in a tropical, creative and pretty sweaty form of heaven. But what did I know. So we stop by the shop to pick some boards out, and there, in this dusty little courtyard with dogs roaming about and shirtless locals working I find my heaven. Read More

inspire boston: the shoots!

In addition to planning and attending inspire Boston 2011 in Concord MA this year, I had the pleasure of teaching two shooting workshops on wedding day posing. Shooting workshops are something that I am very passionate about teaching! Normally I limit my class size to only 5 per class to give as much one on one attention as needed. For the sake of teaching more I had bigger classes, and everyone was great!
My first couple were such troopers! Eric and Amber of RAW Photo Design were more than willing to freeze in the rain for some C10 snuggle time, Read More

the ocean house behind the scenes

Waaaaaaaaay back in the sunny old month o’ May Candice of Jubilee Events and I co-hosted and taught a workshop called Collaborate and Create at the super cali-fabulous Ocean House in Watch Hill Rhode Island. The gist: how to organize, set up and run your own editorial shoot! It was almost a week PACKED with learning, networking and most of all, LAUGHING (you know I love to laugh)- the true spirit of our group came together and we had a grand old time!
Now, one of the things I love to hate about doing these shoots is the time span Read More

storm king sculpture park engagement session

One of my last 2010 clients of the year- my December peeps Justin and Chrissy- and I had our fabulous engagement session in a new and pretty awesome place- Storm King Art Center – it’s a sculpture park in New York. Not only was it a perfectly beautiful fall day- but there was so much art to see- in the form of crazy large sculptures many of which were created by some pretty famous artists! Let’s just say we had a great day- check it out!

Nothing breaks the ice more than asking your clients to run at you Read More

kelsey and jeff wedding on the ct shoreline

July brought the heat- in more ways than you can imagine! From the weather, sure, of course- to my couples! Kelsey and Jeff are not only the sweetest, most beautiful couple- yes, Jeff is pretty beautiful too! But they are FUNNY and they appreciate random, photo bombing crazy-right-up-my-alley-type-of-humor- so to say I was having a great time with their wedding is the understatement of the year! Just watch!!
To add to the line up of greatness was the mastery of beauty that is Dana Bartone and Company– Miss Amy, worked her brushes like a master here on Kelsey (again, not Read More

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