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Carla Ten Eyck


carlos hernandez chavez, the artist and political activist

This week I had an opportunity to see something really incredible. In and of itself it was awesome- to watch a muralist in the final stages of their process- to see and hear their thought processes- which washes would go where, what tones they were hoping for, textures, overall feel. The kicker? I was watching my Dad create this masterpiece.

Basic Instinct full
See one of the things that my Dad is like, the BEST at is painting. He is so incredibly talented. But the best part for me? This guy has got something to SAY.Read More

rest in peace, little Boots

Liberty Stands Still release

Bringing Up Bobby movie download
Walk All Over Me movie full

Hydra release

This little scamp of a cat has lived at my house since 1992. I think he may even be older than Graham!! I remember coming home on a visit from RIT during the fall of 1992 and my brother had found him. He was such a mellow cat, cuddly and just all around nice. He used to come into our house but we had this crazy lab Cassie who HATED cats- and she was BIG and Read More

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