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the big easy

The Big Easy! NOLA! New OOOO-lans! Home of the beignet!
I am planning a trip down south in a few weeks with, well- a GAGGLE of some of the most amazing Connecticut Wedding Vendors- for what I am sure will be one of the most crazy and fun times of not only professional life but my personal one as well! Fer serious!
OK, so I was going down there for a work thing anyway, right? Well… why not take advantage and do it UP? Shoot some place new, fun… someplace that is New Orleans!! I have been doing Read More

the poor man’s post: a new series

Really this is just a post to get Jerry O’Connell on my blog. I mean honestly! Who doesn’t just ADORE Jerry O’Connell? I mean not only is he so stinking handsome, married to a freaking supermodel and the father of twins- he is FLAWED, like the rest of us!
Anyone see Tomcats?
But look at those baby blues, and that winning-go-get-em-smile!
OK, let me get to the point of the post.
Welcome to the Poor Man’s post! Haven’t we have all seen people that we SWEAR are someone famous, or have friends that look like someone or better Read More

c 10 ike studio family portrait day part 2

So here they are. The amazing, fun and awesome and did I say AMAZING?? Family pictures from the super talented photographers that work for the studio. How lucky am I first of all to have such talent here. I mean honestly. But then to have them all photograph my family the way that they did? COME ON!!!!
Now just to clarify- we only do weddings through the studio with our associate photographers- you can contact them through the studio but they all do their own thing as far as portraits go- so get on it and book your family sessions Read More

studio family portrait day part 1

Not only do I love my job, but I love the people that I work with. How many people do you know that love both? I consider myself lucky, blessed, honored and just plain old PSYCHED to be able to say this!
Many of you know Katie Slater, an incredibly talented associate photographer with the studio. Well Miss Katie is quite the family portrait photographer and she had the brilliant idea of having a Studio Family Portrait day. Meaning that we would all converge on the studio, smartly dressed families in tow and have a day of shooting each Read More

c 10 ike studio family portrait day sneak peek

I am a spaz as most of you may or may not know, and I am in FULL spaz mode right now! Yesterday we had an event here at the studio in Hartford to beat the band! Have fun with that little pun if you will, I know I am!
Just a teaser, because there is more. So. So. SO. SOOOOOO much more!!! I can hardly stand it!!
So honey, here is your teaser (Dave is stalking me for pics!)

This is my family, as shot by, who else, Mike Romano. Sometimes I can’t stand this guy is is Read More

my fabulous weekend of spectating

Having a free weekend, which was WEIRD!!! But fun…. let me be a spectator to a few things this weekend, in the best possible way. I had the honor and absolute pleasure of seeing two of my favorite people do things that I can’t even imagine doing. Like, ever.
Now my brother in law Noah is a genius. In so many ways. Most specifically, in music. How he hears it, how he feels it, how he plays it. Especially how he composes it. Noah was awarded a prestigious grant from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation that only goes to Read More

how do you remember?

Next week I am going on a trip of a life time with my Dad to Oaxaca in Mexico. I am going to document the day of the dead down there, and learn more about it from my Dad’s perspective. Since he’s Mexican and all, he should be an expert, right?
When my Mom died almost 4 years ago, I made an altar at her Memorial of things that were something special to her or our memory of her. I loved how it turned out, and spent a lot of time just looking at it, and taking in all Read More

balance: it’s all an act

Proceed no further if you think you are about to read some life altering insightful post about how perfectly I balance life and work!
I mean it.
Stop reading.

So here are Jack and Georgie one fabulous, dewey, Jesus light-y morning before going to work at Target. They haven’t been on the blog much, because I am a rotten Mommy and am denying them their 15 minutes!!
Truth is? I’d rather be with them than blog about them! But when I blog about them I feel like all of a sudden everyone that reads this that Read More

Where were you?

American Pie Presents Band Camp hd
Between Love & Goodbye As many of you read this I will be high in the sky on a plane headed across the country to San Francisco with Mike for a shoot. yes, I will be flying on September 11th and to be honest I feel kind of weird about it, eight years later. But tell me I didn’t pick the best flight companion!!! Totally not on purpose, Katie takes karate, she’d be awesome too…
September 11th is a day of remembrance. Do you remember where you were?
I was at Read More

ellie peters, a life well lived

Hunger film
Dirty Work trailer

This week I am,along with many other, will be saying goodbye to a dear friend- Eleanor Peters. Ellie and I had a special relationship- she hovered in that non descript- she’s not my family, technically, but she may as well be kind of area in my life.
I first met Ellie when I was in fifth grade and became close friends with one of my dearest friends to this day, Bethany. I would go over to Bethany’s house every day after school for pretty much all of fifth and sixth grade. Read More

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