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buttonwood farms sunflower family video

Seriously. There are times in my life where I am like, what did I do to deserve having all of these wonderful, amazing people in my life. Like, really. REALLY!
I know there are love fests in the world, faux and real- but let me tell you something. My team is the real deal. 100% certified really- really- I’d get in a bar fight for you REAL.
It extends beyond my studio- which is big, beautiful and filled with wonderful, amazing people! Candice from Jubilee Events, Beth Chapman from The White Dress by the Shore and Tony from Datura a Read More

buttonwood farm studio shoot

Those of you that know me, or my studio personally, impersonally, close or from far away may know of my obsession / love of the Buttonwood Farms sunflower farm in Griswold CT. What’s not to love?? It’s a bunch of random fields FULL of ginormous sunflowers! Need I say more? Each year it comes around I secretly and publicly obsess over what I want to shoot there, and no matter how much I plan… most of what I do takes a rather serendipitous turn.
This past winter Katie Slater, our amazing associate photographer for the studio- had the brilliant idea Read More

tere was her jack

So today is my oldest sister Tere’s birthday. Happy Birthday, sis! It’s a little after midnight and I was poking around facebook and then was getting all sentimental about stuff- as late night Facebok poking around can do at times… and decided that I wanted to give my oldest sister Tere a little shout out.
See, Tere is not your normal older sister. She is covered in tattoos, has many piercings, crazy bangs, an even crazier and super witty husband Charlie and I guess by the crazy gauge of one Mike Romano, she is way, way crazy, for she Read More

check out hildi on cbs!!

Last week I was so excited to hear that our friend and client Hildi Todrin was getting a special make over for mother’s day on the Early Show on CBS!!! I can’t think of someone who deserves it more!
Hildi we are all so proud of you!!

Watch CBS News Videos Online

for every action there is a reaction

…right? Is it me though, or is our once-positive and strong, supportive and collaborative photography community at large falling apart before all of our very eyes??
There have been some crazy blogs out there, written anonymously, of course- that poke fun at the ‘celebrity’ wedding photographers out there in the world. I’m not going to lie, when I first saw them I laughed- and even forwarded the blog to friends! I cannot believe that people would write some of the very things that I laughingly thought about some of the very same people. I am woman enough to admit this Read More

good ol’ Rochester

This Monday brought me to my old stomping grounds, home of Rochester Institute of Technology, DiBella’s and the one and only Nick Tahou’s Garbage Plate. It’s amazing. And gross. And has the word ‘garbage’ in it. And I love it!!
One of my very favorite memories while at RIT was finding this amazing and scary abandoned place -I am not going to tell you where for fear of being arrested later for trespassing so don’t ask me!!- that I went to first with my frineds Andy and Sandy, yes, I know. And Sandy totally drove a crazy van and had Read More

be careful what you wish for…

I like to travel, I am not gonna lie. But I will be honest with you, I do not want to be a destination wedding photographer, and I am not ashamed to admit it! I love my third smallest state in the union here- CONNECTICUT!!!! like no other. With its crappy weather (right now anyway) and super small town appeal, I am in heaven every time I come home.
These next two months are going to be some of the craziest months- actually I am smack in the middle of crazy right now- but I ask you not Read More

the dead mom’s club, four years later

Today marks four years since my Mom, Georgie Hernandez, died peacefully surrounded by her family. You want to know what one of her pet peeves was? She used to HATE when she would read the obituaries and that is all it would say! Even knowing that she was dying, she and I would read them, and she would get all heated and wonder aloud why people didn’t just say how they died. ‘so-and-so fell down the stairs, or it was a car accident or had cancer or COPD or whatever’.
They always left you thinking about the how and not Read More

celebrity stunt double

Another installation of my favorite part of my day, matching up my peeps with their celebrity stunt doubles!!

He likes long walks on the beach, Hendrick’s Gin and Tonics and Miley Cyrus! The man, the myth the legend, my steady second

you know you’re my boy Romano!!!!


c 10 ike minus 10

This particular post has been brewin’ in my brain for some time now. But I knew. As soon as I put it out there I was done. Trapped. Accountable. I HAD to follow through. ….sigh….. hence the delay in posting, I guess?
Well ‘two tears in a bucket!!’ I say!
I seeeeem to have misplaced about 10 pounds…..but trust me, I am NOT looking to find them!
And I am looking to misplace quite a few more- so that when people look at me they say ‘Wow, she had TWO kids and looks that good?!’ Instead of looking at me Read More

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