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the measure of my success

Today marks a milestone for me as a business owner and person and I just wanted to share. Ever since I had anyone working with me, even when it was just me and Dodie at weddings way back in the day- all I wanted to do was be able to help out those who were helping me.
Let me flash back here for a sec. Growing up I always thought I had less than most, and the reality is I did. As an adult I can honestly say that I was not really looking at the world that I lived Read More

my very own surprise ct backyard vow renewal

As a recap to this year of 2011, I can’t think of a better event to close with and start 2012 with then our very own vow renewal in our very own back yard!! Here’s how it came about…
I have been thinking long and hard about doing a video on the studio, to show what we are all about without being too melodramatic or taking ourselves too seriously whilst straddling that very fine line of not being too unprofessional in the process! It’s a thin, badly drawn line at times for us photographers and we have all been known Read More

martha’s vineyard family vacation

I have unofficially-officially decided that 2012 is the year of the vacation! The past few years have given me a taste of what it’s like to truly tag out of my life with those nearest and dearest to me and just… be. Somewhere new, somewhere exciting, or sleepy, or sunny or sandy… just someplace different than where I have been. This year we partnered together with some of my most favorite people in the world and rented a big ole’ house on Martha’s Vineyard for a week. You all know there are friends you have in day to day life Read More

balance and chicken light

So there was this trip to Costa Rica a few years back, right. We meet some amazing locals who offer to help in any way we need- and boy, do they ever. They model, they let us borrow surf boards as props, they show us some pretty rad spots to shoot in… we are collectively in a tropical, creative and pretty sweaty form of heaven. But what did I know. So we stop by the shop to pick some boards out, and there, in this dusty little courtyard with dogs roaming about and shirtless locals working I find my heaven. Read More

the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me

Today would be my Mom’s 65th birthday. She loved birthdays while we were little and always put so much effort into our cakes and our backyard parties! I am filled with such great birthday memories, thanks to her! So in honor of my Mom, who was the champion of the underdog like crazy… and who also loved an unsung good deed, I am going to out one of my favorite people and let her know that she has done the most kind thing for me in my whole life. Ever.
To prep: I am not going to totally out Read More

full circle

It’s after 11 p.m. and after a full day of teaching a workshop, video chatting with prospective clients, and editing, I am still sitting here. I missed dinner! … but more importantly I missed bed time. I sat here and worked. What the hell is wrong with me? This month has been flat out bat shit crazy for me, yes. Before you judge my workaholic ways too harshly…to be fair, I have cut back on frenzied work schedules these past few years and made room for some major C10 family time. We have taken many a vacation and Read More

welcome to our new c10 studio blog!

Welcome to our new and improved and WAY better to look at studio blog!! It’s been a long time comin’ to say the least- and we all couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out. I have been wanting to change things up for almost two years and when I thought about who I would love to have a major hand in the way everything looked the choice was clear: my good friend, past client and super duper talented designer lady friend Nichole Michel of Coral Pheasant! I had no kind of eyes for anyone else, I just Read More

RIP blankie aug 2004 – aug 2011

Last week we lost blankie while vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard. It seems so… permanent. She is gone forever. I am so devastated. See, I bought blankie for my little girl Georgie before she was born. This blankie was a bit of a place holder at that point. See, in my eyes I thought she would be temporary until I could make her a blankie myself. You know, with all of my free time being a new mom to my second child.
What I didn’t realize then was that there wouldn’t come a time for me to make that blankie Read More

don’t quit your day job c10!

There are many things that get factored in to helping you choose a photographer for your wedding. Over and over, we- the photographers- hear that in the end, when it’s all said and done, the only thing that is different about each of us ends up being… ourselves, not so much as photographers. But as people. Which is great, right? And obvious, duh, I know! Of course we are all different. But the hardest part ends up being how we show that to our potential clients… sometimes we don’t get the chance to even meet our clients until their wedding Read More

a day in the sunflower fields at buttonwood farm griswold ct

There are places in this world that I love, places that we all love. Most of the time these places are somewhere far away- some white sand beach on a tropical island, some museum in Europe… I am sure you all have a spot that you love, right? Well, for me and my family one of these places is right here in my home state of CT, at the sunflower fields at Buttonwood Farms in Griswold CT . That a place like this exists so close is so amazing, I feel so lucky to be able to visit Read More

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