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Carla Ten Eyck


seattle washington family portrait with carla ten eyck

I recently got the chance to visit with one of my oldest friends from my photo days at RIT, Gus. Oh, Gustav! Having Gus and his adorable little family in front of my camera again was like coming home. I have photographed Gus since freshman year in college, he was so good in front of the camera, had such presence and confidence and…. everyone adored shooting him. So much so, that our Photo 1 teacher Dan Larkin said no mas! Flash forward to Gus and Anna Fahey‘s wedding on the untamed Cypress Island in WA and it was like coming Read More

time with my friends

One of my favorite things to do besides spending serious quality time with my friends is to spend serious quality time with my friends while making their portraits! Some of you may know me for my colorful hair, and this is thanks to my close friend and stylist Catie Bane of Catie & Amy. We have been friends a long time, and our friendship started the way many of my current friendships started, through work. We did another good friends wedding together, Geoff and Kate Boka and I loved watching Catie work her magic on Kate… she was so… good! Read More

st. lucia beauty

Hi. Here I am! I am back in the blogging swing after a summer hiatus… I’ve missed sharing what I am up to on work shoots, personal shoots and basically everything I have been up to! This shoot here. Well. I had the most amazing wedding in St. Lucia in May with the sweetest, most fun clients- Nicole and Mike! The cherry on top of having such great subjects in such a tropical, beautiful place? Having my own personal pink stylist and friend Miss Catie Bane and Amy Fiordelisi come down to style our bride and friend! That translated to Read More

2013: the year of the personal project

Winter time is the time for (most) photographers to stretch out, take a seminar and get their learn on. Many wedding photographers don’t have weddings until the spring or early summer, so this can be a nice break. Me? Nah. There’s no crying in baseball and there’s no breaks for Mami! While a short teeny tiny break in say, St. John is nice (har har) a months long no shooting break would literally break my spirit! So what to do? I say it’s the absolute perfect time for educational things like workshops, seminars, retreats etc. and also for the personal Read More

just a dad and his boys

This weekend I got to do something I have not done in a long, long time. I got to snuggle the absolute MESS out of a brand spanking new baby, not even a week old. My close friend and C10 studio tech God Andrew had the newest addition to his family arrive this week, weighing in at over 9 lbs  the heavyweight Mr. Orion James Henderson. So of course, as was done for me after birthing my kin, I headed down to Fairfield CT, Franklin Giant Grinders in hand, and home made chicken enchiladas and rice to boot. Oh, and Read More

happy birthday mom

Dear Mom,
Happy Birthday! I’m sorry to say I don’t know how old you would have been today. We all know I suck at math. I guess the good part about dying is that you get to be immortalized at the age you were when you died… so for you, happy eternal 59th birthday! I remember when I thought that 59 felt like so far away. Shit I thought 40 was old! That’ll be me next April, can you imagine Mom? But here you are, 59 years young, forever. I have to say I struggle with that number Mom. Read More

queen anne’s lace field shoot

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it probably twice… this is the year of the personal project for me, in a big way. There are a bunch of things I have in some sort of production stage- whether it’s stuff I have actually shot or things that I have  squirreled away in my pink and purple haired crazy brain for later. Waiting for the perfect time. Kind of like this here shoot. Many of you that know me know that I have been on the quest for the perfect field of Queen Anne’s Lace. For a few years now Read More

david hockney, ophelia and critiquing paintings

**this was written this past spring, just got around to sharing it! Also. Please read in a British accent. It will sound way smarter! That is all. Cheers!
Right now I am in London shooting for one of my U.S. based commercial clients for the week and am just wrapping up today. We had some amazing meals, tasty fruity ciders that I HOPE we can find back in the states, and have done a great job for our client. All in all? A solid, pretty amazing week!
Some highlights so far (we still have a week in Paris left!) Read More

six years ago today


There is something about an anniversary  that sometimes overshadows everything. Maybe it’s the fact that you know it’s coming, and that you think you are supposed to feel one way or another- depending on if it’a happy or sad anniversary. Dodie and I talk about this a lot and both get a little irritated about the pressure that surrounds the ‘anniversary.’
At exactly 1:30 p.m. today it will be six years that my Mom died. And like every year, I have been dreading this week. But then I got really busy with work and despite trying not to Read More

the c10 studio retreat recap

What better way to spend the first evening back from our studio retreat than working up the photos I took this afternoon of my super photogenic team till…. almost 2:00 in the morning! I know, I know I gotta learn how to relax. But wait! Just look below, that is me totally chillaxin’ in a CHAIR on the ice with my ladies! Cuz that is how I roll baby! Or, slide!
We all had such an relaxing and amazing time at one of my very favorite places, the Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz NY. What a step into a Read More

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