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Carla Ten Eyck

buttonwood farms sunflower family video

Seriously. There are times in my life where I am like, what did I do to deserve having all of these wonderful, amazing people in my life. Like, really. REALLY!

I know there are love fests in the world, faux and real- but let me tell you something. My team is the real deal. 100% certified really- really- I’d get in a bar fight for you REAL.

It extends beyond my studio- which is big, beautiful and filled with wonderful, amazing people! Candice from Jubilee Events, Beth Chapman from The White Dress by the Shore and Tony from Datura a Modern Garden have turned into the extended, crazy talented family of the studio, and I had to have them along for the day as well.

Let it be said that there were two of my favorite people are missing from this shoot and video- Erik Maziarz and Greg Lewis couldn’t make it, so don’t go thinking they aren’t with me, because they ARE!!! And we missed them dearly.

Enter: Jim Alteri. Not sure I can say anything that can really sum up this guys talent, so maybe I won’t even try! Maybe you should just watch. And see for yourself!!

Carla Ten Eyck Photography | Buttonwood Farms from Jim Altieri on Vimeo.


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