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Carla Ten Eyck

Carla Ten Eyck

sunday husband time with carla ten eyck

There is something really romantic about a lazy Sunday morning at home. Your space is filled with warm, thick late morning light, there is nothing on your schedule for the day besides relaxing with your love. You have your cozy pants on, maybe slipper socks, maybe bare feet that can soak up the warmth on your sun-soaked floor… your person by your side. Who doesn’t want a day like that, am I right? It seems harder and harder to get that lazy free time in these days, with so much on our plates. We have so many commitments to show up Read More

baby time with carla ten eyck

I don’t do a ton of baby portraits, but when I do… I question why I don’t! I photographed this little bug’s parent’s wedding at Elizabeth Park in the sweetest little spot, with the most buttery and thick light, surrounded by the tightest knit group of family on a Thursday afternoon. It was, and has been one of my most favorite weddings I have photographed. Lauryn and CJ’s love for one another is tangible, open and easy to see. They live close by and are fun to see when I bring my kitties in to visit CJ at the Read More

eolia mansion engagement with carla ten eyck

I know every year I say this, and it is not lost on me that this is, in fact true. But, shoot. I have the best clients, ever, ever ever! Everyone’s idea of what the ‘best’ means to them, and for me, it is honestly just people who are willing to show their love and affection to one another, to laugh at themselves and at me! To push through their discomfort at having their pictures taken (this is the majority of my clients, in all honesty!) and to trust my vision and direction. They remember what they Read More

hartford city hall engagement with carla ten eyck

Oh, Hartford. I am visually spoiled with you, and I appreciate it! I know I am loyal since I was born, raised, and now live here in my forever home… but it’s not lost on me how beautiful this little town is, and every chance I get to work in my little city I appreciate it! Galini and Brian were the perfect fit for a jaunt in my Hartford and we took advantage of one of my favorite spots in downtown, the Alexander Calder sculpture ‘Stegasaurus’ sandwiched between The Wadsworth Atheneum and Hartford City Hall, complete with the crazy Read More

castle hill inn wedding with carla ten eyck

Castle Hill Inn, in Newport Rhode Island, is quickly turning into one of my most favorite wedding venues to photograph at…! From the amazing staff there (who doesn’t love Jeremy?) to the epic, sweeping views of the river, to the killer sunsets you are treated to like the best gift from above… I mean honestly, why wouldn’t you want to work here? Kristen and Matt had the most perfect day for their outdoor wedding at Castle Hill. We had the wonderful Stephanie Frasier-Grimm from Couture Parties in Newport as our spirit guide for the whole event and we Read More

the power music has on me

photo by Gigi DeManio
Happy New Year! Which translates quite naturally to going to see one of the many shiny new movies that come out around this time, am I right? There are traditions built around this for some of us from going while absolutely stuffed to the gills after Thanksgiving to see the newest Harry Potter / Hunger Games Trilogy / Percy Jackson type tween sci-fi blockbuster, to going out on Christmas day. Star Wars, anyone?
That may be all well and good and I mean I do love to get absolutely Read More

new year new definition of my comfort zone and how to avoid it like the plague

Oh 2016, you poor thing! I keep seeing all of these New Year’s posts where everyone is talking about spanking you, or grabbing you by the balls, or kicking your ass! So aggressive, I say! Well loosen up and get ready to be cuddled, my sweet friend, you and I are going to be friends with benefits! I’m not scared of you, not one little bit. I am looking forward to watching you unfold like a freshly cleaned sheet that was drying in the late afternoon sun! I am ready to tuck you in and feel you against my skin, Read More

maternity session with carla ten eyck

One of my favorite things about my job is being able to reconnect with my clients after their wedding. Many times it’s through social media, I see they got a new house, or they moved to another part of the country. Maybe they changed jobs or changed careers. And many times, it’s them having a baby. When the stars align and I am able to photograph my brides pregnant, it just makes me so happy.
Sarah and Mike are two of my all-star faves. Like. Legit. They are always good for cracking a joke, spouting off gangster rap lyrics Read More

portsmouth new hampshire engagement with carla ten eyck

When Kate + Richard said they wanted to do their engagement session in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, I was like … whaaaaat! That means an aggressive yes, as this little gem of a town on the coast of New Hampshire was always on my radar as a place I wanted to visit! I only wish I could have stayed longer and poked around the shops, eaten at like ALL of the adorable little restaurants that dotted the windy streets… it was the cutest little spot to go and I am so glad that we shot there! Kate, Richard and I Read More

silver sands engagement session with carla ten eyck

There is no time I enjoy more than the tail end of summer, right as fall starts to kick in and change the leaves, and the temperatures, and our mindset as we start preparing for fall and the holidays. It’s when kids go back to school, boots start coming back into our daily wardrobe and sweaters make their way out of the closets. I love this time of year so much, and any chance I get to be outside and enjoy a warm day with clients on the beach, well. That is just the icing on my seasonal cake! Read More

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