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april ten eyck tuesday

So this past month or so has been a little busy for me- I am confident I have been annoying everyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook with my constant updates! It’s just so much easier to update when you are sitting in an airport vs sitting in front of a computer, you know? So during one of my quick stops home in between Costa Rica where our team headed for an editorial shoot- more on THAT adventure later, I promise!!- and Arizona / New Mexico for another shoot (can’t wait to blog that shoot as well but for very very different reasons!! just wait!) -and when I say quick, I mean like ONE DAY quick- like I landed, I washed what was in my suitcase and then repacked it- then got ready to teach my April Ten Eyck Tuesday Lighting workshop!
yes there was coffee. lots and lots of coffee!
and lighting. and Tony from Datura and his beautiful wife Aryn as our models!!
and an amazing class! and sarcasm! and laughs!
as always
I love featuring the classes work and so? Here you go!
Miss Sidney Chang brought it with some flash in the day time here

My great friend Amanda Harris Herzberger of Orchard Cove fame with some cuddle action

Amanda also snagged this shot of me doing double duty as teacher and master cuddler to little Georgie. She totally missed me and spent the entire time at the workshop with us all! She just loves her Momma!!

Another Orchard Cove fave of mine, me and my girl with her crazy hair! I just took out her braids from Mexico right before the workshop

Miss Hildi Todrin rocking the backlight in daylight and making my tree look so pretty!!

You can see Hildi shooting this very image in Amanda’s shot above 🙂 See I can totally multitask

Dawn Binz!! Love this shot

My new favorite sarcastic person, Tara Hamer from New Hampshire!!

I can’t believe our crew has this much energy after our day, but they did!!

Big big big thanks to Tony and Aryn for being our models for the day, you guys were great!!!!



  • i can just tell by the images that this was a fun class/group/gaggle of laughter. really positive energy all around and some amazing images to boot. BOOOOTS!

  • Wow, Lady! You can multi-task! Looks like another fabulous workshop! Way to go everyone on the great images! Kudos to Tony and Aryn, too. 🙂

  • Susannah McGlamery

    i am officially a NERD. that picture of the group shooting and you with georgie-girl on your back completely made me burst into tears. there are 30000000 reasons why I love you and that right there might just be number one.

  • oh Suzie Q! Why you crying lady!? I was just looking for a lazy man’s back rub there with Miss Georgie… my little cuddle bug! Love you too sister XO

  • oh Gayle way to get people’s tongues wagging! as if that unauthorized biography that’s out isn’t enough 😛

  • Loved the workshop and love this post. Have already used some of what I learned and looking forward to continuing to learn more!


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