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alicia and jack wedding at the gershon fox room hartford

I gotta say that I just love my job. I love it!! Not only the photography part, that’s a no-brainer for me, of course I love that part!
But once I meet my couples, we click,and it’s game on till the wedding! So then when I show up at their weddings and see all of the things they have been cooking in the time since we booked- and I am like
Alicia and Jack’s wedding at one of my favorite places to shoot in Hartford!!! the Gershon Fox Room in Hartford CT was like that to me. Wow. Like DOUBLE WOW.
Her dress? Betsy Johnson all the way!
Her funkiness, well, that is all Alicia!!
Erik Maziarz was my trusty second and Rebecca Hales was our amazing assistant and third shooter for this incredible feast for our eyes!
Jack and Alicia designed their own invitations….!

Check out her eyes!!

I’m a huge sucker for the way a Mom looks at her daughter on the day of her wedding….

Seriously. Blue. Velvet!!

Mike Romano is my regularly scheduled side kick but today my man Erik Maziarz aka Easy E tagged in for some Alicia and Jack love with me, and he blew it UP!!

I love when the groom writes a note to the bride that she reads on the day of… but then when he illustrates the cover with a stegasaurus because that’s what his fiance loves??

Way better. Way.

One of my favorite things is how differently we can both see the same situation… check out Easy E’s interpretation!

Her Betsy Johnson dress was all fluffy gorgousness

Here is her love, Jack right before their first look. We all just love us some Jack in the studio!! OK, sorry Jack it’s really your Dad that we can’t get enough of!!!

Holy adorableness

Alicia had her heart set on having some pictures taken in and around the Gershon Fox Room area, and I was all over it!

G LOVE! I just can’t get enough of that Gershon Fox Room I gotta tell you!!!

Alicia and Jack were totally diggin on the escalators and I loved finding a way to use them!

Then off to shoot near one of Hartford’s landmarks- the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch

So when we were there we got one of the most secret and amazing little treats, ever ever ever! We got to go to the top!!!

This shot on the left is taken INSIDE the arch!!

There was a step, and so I stood on it and shot some birdcage veil snuggle time!


The bridesmaids were the BEST!!!

Then on to one of the best kept secrets in Hartford- the Carousel!!! I have been going here since I was a kid so I am very attached to it for sentimental reasons but as a photographer it rocks my world!! I put Alicia on my favorite horse too!

These have to be two of my favorite shots I have ever taken!!!!

OK, shoot I love this one too!!!

Erik making his move to get his shot, which I am crushin on HARDCORE!!!

Can I get an AMEN for E??? LOVE THIS!!

Love her star tattoos as well!

Rebecca Hales with a great shot pre ceremony

The evening’s entertainment was ….. let’s just say it was original!!!

A cousin did yo yo tricks!!!! He was awesome! Check out his yo yo heart

Love the details- this is a Ten Eyck + Maziarz Mash-up

The lights in the Gershon Fox Room are my favorite of any venue, hands down

Their first dance…

Alicia’s Dad sang her Mom’s favorite song… it was so beautiful!!

Honestly, the day your husband doesn’t look at you like that? Is a sad one indeed!!!!

Erik and I tag teamed to hora, a C 10 ike favorite!!!!!

Who doesn’t love ending on a bride and groom high five!!!!!!

Alicia and Jack, well, what can I really even say???

You guys are beyond being ideal clients and have morphed into friends!! Thank you so so much for letting us do our thing, and get some of my favorite images of all time from your wedding!!!



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