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Carla Ten Eyck


Bushnell Memorial Hartford Wedding with Carla Ten Eyck

This year has been the year of just, soul-mate clients! And I am not talking about for each other, because, like, DUH if you’re not..! Then we have bigger issues, am I right? I am talking about my clients being my soul-clients. And not all of them are, which is, (in the real world anyway) the norm, am I right? But there is something magical about this year’s lineup… something really deep and real, and I am so happy about it!
Enter Laura and Rob. My first clue that they were something special should have been the fact that Laura Read More

Dani & Eric’s Gallaher Mansion Wedding – by Dave Noonan

Eric and Dani celebrated their wedding day at Gallaher Mansion at Cranbury Park recently with their wonderful family and friends.  The day was perfect and the energy and mood was awesome too.  The groom is an art director so he actually designed the custom signs throughout the venue and all of the invitations and paper.  At the end of the reception we were graced with a little bit of rain that allowed for one of my signature style atmospheric portraits.  Like I’ve said a million times; if it rains on your wedding day, embrace it and have fun!  You will Read More

Elizabeth & Megan’s Gallaher Mansion at Cranberry Park Wedding by Dave Noonan

Who says you can’t have an amazing DIY wedding on a budget?  Elizabeth and Megan sure debunked that myth, that’s for sure.  With friends from all over the country pitching in to decorate, helping with planning, and setting up everything themselves at the venue, that is how it’s done!  Complete with handpicked Connecticut wildflowers, a taco bar, lots of love from family and friends, and natural chemistry from this amazing couple, this wedding was smashing and heartfelt.  When I have couples like Elizabeth and Megan, my job becomes so much easier as you can truly see with their strong connection Read More

michael and michael’s castle hill wedding with carla ten eyck


I can’t say enough about the Michaels. From our first chat on the phone (where I feel like I was squealing on the inside, and quite possibly it was on the outside!) after hearing how excited they were to marry each other with the love and support of their friends and family at one of the most beautiful venues in Newport… Castle Hill..(!) I just couldn’t wait to see how it all unfolded. How dashing they would look in their tuxes. How they would so tenderly look into each others’ eyes as they exchanged vows. Read More

love and weddings


Lauren + Vanessa, The Barn at Walnut Hill, Portland Maine
I have recently started to listen to and appreciate country music. Big share there! Not like super hard-core twang-fest country music, but more the kind that gets you in the feels. Brandi Carlile, The Zac Brown Band, always Willie Nelson, always. You feel me. Or maybe you don’t. Here’s the thing. For me, as an artist, I need to find clients who see my work and can feel it resonate within them. Much like these country artists to me, I need my clients to feel the emotion Read More

Elegant Lord Thompson Wedding, Thompson, CT – by Dave Noonan

Melissa and Justin recently celebrated their love for one another at the beautiful Lord Thompson Manor in Thompson, CT.  Melissa started her day getting ready at The Spa at The Cottage House (I love the light there!) while Justin prepared at The Manor.  I really enjoyed the energy of this wedding, so many smiles, laughs, and happy tears!  What a great couple to work with as well as a sweet group of family and friends they have there to support them.  Sit back and enjoy some of the images from their wedding day!
-Dave Noonan
Read More

The Old Field Club Wedding – Long Island, NY – by Dave Noonan

Shauna & Mike celebrated their love for each other at The Old Field Club in East Setauket, NY.  Their wedding was sprinkled with unique elements including a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony, which was super cool for me to photograph because everyone was dressed in traditional Chinese attire.  They had a Polaroid camera on hand all day long too that guests used to document the festivities, along with a display of the instant prints at the reception.  This was such a fun couple, here are some of their photographs of their awesome wedding day!
-Dave Noonan
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portland wedding at barn at walnut hill with carla ten eyck

I met Vanessa a few years back at one of the most amazing industry conferences there is, called Engage Luxury Wedding Summits. We circled around each other for a few conferences before really seeing what great friends we were going to become. You know how that is when you make friends in the industry, you try to maintain some level of professionalism and fanciness and do the square dance of .. professionalism and fanciness! Well, we do-si-do’d right into bestie country when she stepped in and designed and printed the beautiful prayer card for my good friend and employee Read More

Elegant Brooklyn Heights Wedding -NYC- by Dave Noonan

Heidi and Michael are both classically trained musicians and they met in NYC, while studying music in college.  It’s apparent that music is a gigantic force in their lives, in fact they hand picked all of the songs performed throughout their wedding day.  I had the pleasure of working with these two (and their amazing and kind family) a few weeks back in Brooklyn on a beautiful Saturday.  It was sunny all day but there was a small chance of rain, which happened to show itself at the end of the night and it allowed me the opportunity for Read More

Barns At Wesleyan Hills Wedding by Dave Noonan

When I read the questionnaire that Kelly filled out in our initial contact form, I knew right away that her and Colin were my people.  It was filled with sarcasm, wit, and a little bit of saltiness.  When I read further and she mentioned The Big Lebowski and more importantly, The Dude, I knew I had to meet them.  I was right, they are a rad couple!  I am so grateful to all of my couples that find me because I’m so lucky that when I connect with them on this level it’s makes my job a dream!  I could Read More

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