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carla ten eyck’s best of 2011

One of my favorite times in my season is the time I get to sit back and reflect and look at all of the weddings I photographed over the year… There are so many happy memories, in-love couples, exciting moments, color, rain… and mostly? Laughter! To all of my 2011 clients- thank you so much for having us be a part of your wedding day!
This best of contains some favorite shots from my main man Mike Romano and my main third lady Jazzy. Thank you both for being such loyal and hard working people, and such talented photographers!! I Read More

c10 associate best of: julie morawski

new years eve. 2011. there i was…in the middle of the bushnell stage with carla as balloons fell from above and my camera dangled from my neck.  my typical reaction ensued: goosebumps. really. how the h-e-double hockey sticks did i end up here? how did i get so lucky? holy smokes.

when the wedding ended we tailgated in the parking lot with caffeine free diet cokes. as i drove home that night with sore tootsies, i thought about the year that had just gone by. again… goosebumps.

2011 was pretty much my favorite year ever. so far at least. Read More

best of weddings 2009

I am so excited to say that our best of 2009 weddings highlight slide show is here for your viewing pleasure! Big props to Graham for putting it together, I am so sorry I ruined this song for you!
Watching this made me all melancholy as I looked back at our year here at the studio- and I celebrated all of the changes that we have undergone! From the total completion of my renovated studio space, my amazing studio manager and bff Dominique to the addition of our extremely talented associate photographers- Erik Maziarz; Katie Slater and Graham Scobey Read More

anniversary shoot slideshow

Class of 1984 trailer A little while back Mike and I shot Bob 2.0 and the lovely Mrs. 2.0 (aka Jen) in some farm country n stuff! Well I made a little slide show for the 2.0’s- to a song that I think is only fitting since they are true high school sweethearts!!
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever release
Deadwater divx
The Dark Half move
Marnie film
Franklyn move

AWWWWW, right????
Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo
The X Files
Nighthawks psp
The Lost Boys ipod
The Mist buy Trying to think of that Read More

kim + baby romano = one cute little belly

As many of you may already know my big guy Mike is expecting a baby in September. Now when I found out that Kim was pregnant from that very second on I KNEW that I was going to do something super special and super top-secret for Mike. That was WAAAAYYY back in January, so I have been keeping this from Mike for a looong time and I was about ready to burst with excitement I just couldn’t wait for it!
Not sure if you notice or not but I tend to get a little excited about shoots….
So Kim Read More

geoff + kate wedding slide show

Gunsmoke: The Long Ride hd Here is Geoff Boka and Kate Schwabe’s wedding slide show!

Gattaca video
Bangkok Dangerous movie

Hush Little Baby movie

Watchers movie download

The Corporation hd
Footloose divx
download Home on the Range

Ed Wood
2010 video El Cartel full

mike colon and bob davis

Hellzapoppin’ psp

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Avanti! ipod Evita buy The Others dvdrip
Atlantis: The Lost Empire
The Lost & Found Family movie One Night in the Tropics movie
Yesterday a bunch of us headed over to a great seminar by Mike Colon & Bob Davis at the airport. It was full of inspiring ideas and great technical advice. I left feeling motivated and like I was on the right track with my work, which is a wonderful feeling….
During the seminar Cynthia Brown decided to Read More

amazing race part 2 of ?

The Eleventh Hour psp
my teeth look AWESOME!!! Starting Out in the Evening buy the reward…Don’t I look super hot when I run? Me and my boy .com

The Color Purple video

Renee trained me well!!

3:10 to Yuma psp

Julie & Julia hd

I Tried dvdrip
This morning I ran my second of this 2007 holiday season with my old friend & trainer Renee and my new friend and fellow Nikon shooter Mike! Christopher Martin’s 5K race in New Haven was outstanding- in so many ways- great energy, Read More

happy birthday mom

Metro trailer

The Three Lives of Thomasina psp
Stir Crazy dvdrip
Crimson Tide download Good Dick psp

Today would have been my Mom’s 61st birthday. Happy Birthday Mom, wherever you happen to be haunting right now!! I joke but my Mom and I discussed this before she died, that she could and would come back to haunt me. We just couldn’t come up with a sign- so she could totally be haunting me and I am just not getting the messages! Typical!

Harsh Times dvdrip

download A Read More

more marantz fun!

Rocky Balboa psp

13 Hours in a Warehouse download

I Cant Think Straight trailer

Beneath Still Waters dvdrip

Fiddler on the Roof ipod
Man on the Moon video

Friday marked the middle of what is now the end of the fantastic Bess-Marantz Fest of 2007. I couldn’t resist taking a ton of shots, for one because they are my people and I gotta represent with my slide show and two because my little man Jack L-O-V-E-S trains. Which is totally why there are so many shots in Read More

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