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my inspire photo retreat 2013 experience

This February was crazy. For so many reasons! That Blizzard. Man oh man was I bitter about this, but really only for the shoveling part, otherwise it was kinda pretty.
Aside from 36” of snow the next craziest part of my month was the shake up I got while attending the Inspire photography conference in Sturbridge. I am on the planning team, so nothing about this conference should have been much of a surprise, right. Like, I totally knew what we had planned! Because I helped planned much of it!
And yet.
The internal shake up that followed- and Read More

dark alice in wonderland – a styled shoot

I was really excited when my friend and fellow photographer, Laura DeCarlo, asked me to join in on shooting this Dark Alice concept with her. I was also pretty stoked that we were going to be shooting at Grove Studios at Chetstone, an old Victorian house which now serves as studio space in New Haven.  The atmosphere inside Chetstone is amazing, as is the natural light.   It served as a very cool backdrop for our theme for this styled shoot.  While the downstairs area is very open in light, the attic is a much darker space with creepy bunnies Read More

c10 studio ezine issue two

To say I am over the moon right now is the understatement of this fine Thursday! Just in general, yes I am ANNNDD I am so pumped to share our second edition of the C10 Studio Ezine with all of you!!! This has and will continue to be such a labor of love for me. It is something I love to see as a finished designed product, and actually gives me butterflies. Nerdy, I admit! But true.
I feel so honored to work with so many amazing people at each wedding: from my sweet personable and trusting clients to each Read More

secret garden fashion editorial with carla ten eyck and the white dress by the shore

I am one lucky gal! I am absolutely surrounded by so many talented friends / colleagues / vendors. What’s a girl to do but just shoot like, ALL the time? Am I right? And so….. I totally do. My girl Beth Chapman of the White Dress by the Shore in Clinton CT not only runs an amazing business but is an absolute KILLER stylist. I am lucky I have enough self esteem for like 12 people as I rock my Target soda t-shirts and Tom’s. You think my pink hair isn’t strategic? People see it? And just stop. They don’t Read More

our little daddy/daughter trip – jamaica

Last week after INSPIRE, an amazing photo retreat, my little girls and I went on a little trip to Negril, Jamaica.  Ellie and Eres are my little 6 year old twins and they have been looking forward to this trip ever since Christmas, when they realized that was their big gift from Daddy.  This was the first big trip for them and safe to say, one they will never forget.  We had such a great time, from horseback riding, glass bottom boat rides, snorkeling over the coral reef, getting their hair braided, reggae on the beach, and meeting a lot Read More

vermont fashion editorial with carla ten eyck and dd nickel

One of my favorite things about my life is that I am surrounded by creative, spontaneous friends who are (lucky for me) always up for a fun day of taking pictures with me! Even when it’s twelve degrees out in Vermont in deep snow…! So the other fun thing about all of this is the dreaming up part. See, a few years back my great friend DD Nickel and Nichole (former client turned designer and head of Coral Pheasant turned C10 Bestie!) and I were chit chat paddwacking about doing a fun shoot in Vermont in the winter right after Read More

blizzard of 2013

Ah, the blizzard of 2013!  Or is it Nemo?  Or Charlotte?  We may never know…..
One thing I do know is it got me outside to shoot some scapes again.  I’m not a huge fan of winterscapes, or the cold for that matter.  But I’m glad to have some creativity today.  I dug out my car at around 10am and traveled around the greater Danbury area today to capture the remnants of the blizzard.
Hope you are relaxing, enjoying some hot cocoa after a long day of shoveling.

And then there was THIS guy!

well wed magazine mcqueen inspired shoot with carla ten eyck

It seems like FOREVER ago my good friends and ladies of inWHITE teamed up to style a fem­i­nine meets mas­cu­line edi­to­r­ial for Well Wed Mag­a­zine at the gor­geous New Haven Lawn Club! The Lawn Club is one of my favorite places to shoot- filled with fabulous art deco detailing and incredible light! From Nichole of Coral Pheasant, ” The inspi­ra­tion for the shoot was heav­ily influ­enced by the looks seen on the run­ways at the Sring 2012 New York Fash­ion Week and the Alexan­der McQueen 2011 Sav­age Beauty exhibit. When devel­op­ing the paper story, I chose to take a more mas­cu­line approach to the invi­ta­tion design using a strik­ing serif Read More

2013: the year of the personal project

Winter time is the time for (most) photographers to stretch out, take a seminar and get their learn on. Many wedding photographers don’t have weddings until the spring or early summer, so this can be a nice break. Me? Nah. There’s no crying in baseball and there’s no breaks for Mami! While a short teeny tiny break in say, St. John is nice (har har) a months long no shooting break would literally break my spirit! So what to do? I say it’s the absolute perfect time for educational things like workshops, seminars, retreats etc. and also for the personal Read More

just a dad and his boys

This weekend I got to do something I have not done in a long, long time. I got to snuggle the absolute MESS out of a brand spanking new baby, not even a week old. My close friend and C10 studio tech God Andrew had the newest addition to his family arrive this week, weighing in at over 9 lbs  the heavyweight Mr. Orion James Henderson. So of course, as was done for me after birthing my kin, I headed down to Fairfield CT, Franklin Giant Grinders in hand, and home made chicken enchiladas and rice to boot. Oh, and Read More

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