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twenty year anniversary session with one of my first wedding clients

When I was but a wee lass back in 1996 and had just graduated from RIT and was studying photojournalism with the high hopes of working for a newspaper when I graduated. Wedding photography was not even on my radar. Wait. Strike that. Reverse it! .. As Willy Wonka Would say! It was on my radar but not very highly regarded. In fact, I do believe that you would be ridiculed if you ever even uttered the words ‘wedding’ and ‘photographer’ in the same sentence! So to say this was not a dream job of mine way back when Read More

mt. hope farm editorial for bliss celebrations magazine with carla ten eyck

There are publications and teams that I love working with, and these ladies are at the top of the list! My good friend Amy Blau is the publisher of one of the most super gorgeous magazines ever ever in the world AMEN! called Bliss Celebrations Magazine. When she puts an idea out there for me to collaborate on with her I immediately start drooling because I just know that what she will put in front of me will be the stuff that dreams are made of! This shoot we did at Mount Hope Farm in Rhode Island? Was no exception!!! Read More

Styled Wedding Shoot at 19Main – New Milford, CT. by Dave Noonan

Check out this new wedding inspired styled shoot I photographed with CT’s most talented team of wedding professionals.  These types of shoots are super fun for all as it allows the top local wedding vendors to showcase their talents and have some fun together in the off season.  This shoot features models Viviann, and Nyiah from The Beauty Within Model Management.  We shot the series at one of my new favorite venues, 19Main in New Milford, CT on a Sunday afternoon this Spring.  Of course, my garage built 1970 Honda Brat vintage motorcycle makes a little cameo with bride, Viviann, Read More

mother’s day mini sessions with carla ten eyck

This is a year of new things, and I am excited, nervous and ready for it all! After years of turning work away to do family portraits for people, I have decided to say yes to it… but with some stipulations. I want to create portraits my way. With light that gives me butterflies, in a space that I love, with a finished product that I am proud to share. Proud to hang in my home, have framed by my bed, where I can wake up to images of my family that fill me and help me see how Read More

sunday husband time with carla ten eyck

There is something really romantic about a lazy Sunday morning at home. Your space is filled with warm, thick late morning light, there is nothing on your schedule for the day besides relaxing with your love. You have your cozy pants on, maybe slipper socks, maybe bare feet that can soak up the warmth on your sun-soaked floor… your person by your side. Who doesn’t want a day like that, am I right? It seems harder and harder to get that lazy free time in these days, with so much on our plates. We have so many commitments to show up Read More

baby time with carla ten eyck

I don’t do a ton of baby portraits, but when I do… I question why I don’t! I photographed this little bug’s parent’s wedding at Elizabeth Park in the sweetest little spot, with the most buttery and thick light, surrounded by the tightest knit group of family on a Thursday afternoon. It was, and has been one of my most favorite weddings I have photographed. Lauryn and CJ’s love for one another is tangible, open and easy to see. They live close by and are fun to see when I bring my kitties in to visit CJ at the Read More

eolia mansion engagement with carla ten eyck

I know every year I say this, and it is not lost on me that this is, in fact true. But, shoot. I have the best clients, ever, ever ever! Everyone’s idea of what the ‘best’ means to them, and for me, it is honestly just people who are willing to show their love and affection to one another, to laugh at themselves and at me! To push through their discomfort at having their pictures taken (this is the majority of my clients, in all honesty!) and to trust my vision and direction. They remember what they Read More

hartford city hall engagement with carla ten eyck

Oh, Hartford. I am visually spoiled with you, and I appreciate it! I know I am loyal since I was born, raised, and now live here in my forever home… but it’s not lost on me how beautiful this little town is, and every chance I get to work in my little city I appreciate it! Galini and Brian were the perfect fit for a jaunt in my Hartford and we took advantage of one of my favorite spots in downtown, the Alexander Calder sculpture ‘Stegasaurus’ sandwiched between The Wadsworth Atheneum and Hartford City Hall, complete with the crazy Read More

What if it rains on my wedding day? – by Dave Noonan

What do I do if it rains on my wedding day?  The truth is; You really only have one choice.  EMBRACE IT!  Listen, I know it’s a scary thought.  You’ve spent endless hours and even months planning your dream wedding right down to the tiniest of details.  And now it’s a week before your wedding day and you’ve been checking the wedding forecast incessantly hoping the forecast will change.  Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to make inclement weather go away.  What you can do is, welcome it by going with the flow.  After all, is there anything more Read More

maternity session with carla ten eyck

One of my favorite things about my job is being able to reconnect with my clients after their wedding. Many times it’s through social media, I see they got a new house, or they moved to another part of the country. Maybe they changed jobs or changed careers. And many times, it’s them having a baby. When the stars align and I am able to photograph my brides pregnant, it just makes me so happy.
Sarah and Mike are two of my all-star faves. Like. Legit. They are always good for cracking a joke, spouting off gangster rap lyrics Read More

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