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this isn’t goodbye

After our first shoot together, Jazz and I pulled over on the side of the road to look at our images. We squealed like loonatics in my car, we were so proud. That was 4 years ago. It’s been a wild ride, guys. Filled with love, laughter, whiskey, wigs, tea, adventure, light. For the past 4 years I’ve spent my time meeting some of the most wonderful and talented friends, mentors, couples, teammates, soul mates. This isn’t goodbye, at all really. But a way to honor our silliness as my new adventure begins.
I hope you all laugh so hard, that you snort a Read More

Just a typical Sunday stroll in the park ;)

From the training right up to the actual race, running an ultra marathon is a journey. Let’s take a step back and clarify something. A marathon is 26.2 miles. No longer, no shorter. An ultra marathon is any distance longer than 26.2 miles. Generally distances are 31 (50k,) 50 miles, 100k (62 miles), and 100 miles. There are stage races where you run set distances over the course of three days (i.e. 25, 50, 25), and there are adventure ultras (Not even remotely fun adventures).
If Yogi Berra were to describe an ultra marathon, he would say 90 percent of an Read More

seattle washington family portrait with carla ten eyck

I recently got the chance to visit with one of my oldest friends from my photo days at RIT, Gus. Oh, Gustav! Having Gus and his adorable little family in front of my camera again was like coming home. I have photographed Gus since freshman year in college, he was so good in front of the camera, had such presence and confidence and…. everyone adored shooting him. So much so, that our Photo 1 teacher Dan Larkin said no mas! Flash forward to Gus and Anna Fahey‘s wedding on the untamed Cypress Island in WA and it was like coming Read More

Sacred Spaces

personal projects have brought me back to life this winter.
sacred spaces is a celebration of the creative process. the mystical energy spun out of working with your hands. the gentle and knowing voice of your intuition. and the space we carve out to allow these parts to grow.
so thankful i took the time to quiet myself so i could see the path was just under my feet.

so much more to come:

time with my friends

One of my favorite things to do besides spending serious quality time with my friends is to spend serious quality time with my friends while making their portraits! Some of you may know me for my colorful hair, and this is thanks to my close friend and stylist Catie Bane of Catie & Amy. We have been friends a long time, and our friendship started the way many of my current friendships started, through work. We did another good friends wedding together, Geoff and Kate Boka and I loved watching Catie work her magic on Kate… she was so… good! Read More

snowy day portraits, a personal project

The other day, we had a big old snow day!  I had a blast photographing my favorite subjects, my twin daughters, Ellie & Eres.  I even got a new head shot of myself taken by my very talented protege Ellie!  Here are some of my favorite images of my favorite girls.



st. lucia beauty

Hi. Here I am! I am back in the blogging swing after a summer hiatus… I’ve missed sharing what I am up to on work shoots, personal shoots and basically everything I have been up to! This shoot here. Well. I had the most amazing wedding in St. Lucia in May with the sweetest, most fun clients- Nicole and Mike! The cherry on top of having such great subjects in such a tropical, beautiful place? Having my own personal pink stylist and friend Miss Catie Bane and Amy Fiordelisi come down to style our bride and friend! That translated to Read More

stories inside of stories

some of my favorite pictures catch me by surprise. and every one always carries a story with in a story. i love how details can reveal a path to us, and then our imagination fills in the blanks. here’s a little celebration of telling a story with out knowing the ending and to all the delicious mystery that lies inside.








* Carla is so inspired by Opheila and I had Read More

tarrywile park – a golden hour portrait series

I love shooting in the afternoon summer light, it’s probably my favorite.  This is Nicole, we had some fun in the middle of last weeks heat wave at Tarrywile Park in Danbury.  Here are a few of my favorites from our portrait shoot, enjoy!
Model: Nicole Motta







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dark alice in wonderland – a styled shoot

I was really excited when my friend and fellow photographer, Laura DeCarlo, asked me to join in on shooting this Dark Alice concept with her. I was also pretty stoked that we were going to be shooting at Grove Studios at Chetstone, an old Victorian house which now serves as studio space in New Haven.  The atmosphere inside Chetstone is amazing, as is the natural light.   It served as a very cool backdrop for our theme for this styled shoot.  While the downstairs area is very open in light, the attic is a much darker space with creepy bunnies Read More

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