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Zeke and Po’s publicity shoot with Carla Ten Eyck

One of the things that I love is the ability to have just super open just flat out fun with my camera and my friends and their friends and for reasons other than fun but for actual, like REASONS! Take these two- Zeke and Po! Zeke is basketball legend Isaiah Thomas’ son and a breakthrough DJ paired up with Po, a reality TV star / singer who recently collaborated on a track called ‘Monsters (Be Brave)‘. So logically they needed some publicity shots of them together and when asked by my good friend Ed of Gorilla Records to do the Read More

Back to Basics Photography Workshop with Carla Ten Eyck

This September I dove back in to something I love second to photography: teaching photography! A long, long while back, I started teaching monthly workshops on a variety of topics ranging from the camera basics to lighting to posing to how to shoot details to the business of photography. There is so much to being a photographer. So much to even just doing this for fun, let alone as the main source of income for your family! There are so many ways to see, so many ways to interpret your subject and your idea and I just LOVE helping Read More

how and when should you hire employees a podcast by carla ten eyck

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Josh Rossi, creator of a site dedicated to helping and educating photographers looking to go and stay full time. A lot of what I do I used to do myself, until I had enough business to support bringing in a support staff of the most amazing people to help me run my studio like a well oiled bee hive! Many photographers do pretty much everything for their businesses… from taking the pictures, to designing the albums, the website, their branding, managing their studio, booking their clients, shipping Read More

C10 Studio e-zine volume three

There is so much I get excited about with my work, and one of the things that gets me fired up is being able to show my work the way that I think it should be shown. What better way to do this than by teaming up with my favorite designer like… EVAH… my bff Nichole Michel of Coral Pheasant Stationery and Design! Nichole has a way of seeing my work and laying out each page of my e-zine with such care… I look through this and forget this is my work each time!
I love sharing some of Read More

The White Dress in Color – Winter & Spring Book Appearances

Over the past few years I have spent quite a bit of time doing styled shoots with some pretty amazing friends and vendors in the industry. These shoots have taken us all over the world, and honestly it’s part of my job that I just LOVE. I love brainstorming ideas and shoot locations and trouble shooting and thinking on the fly and trying not to throw a tantrum when security denies us access to the Eiffel Tower to shoot but then come up with something even WAY better than I thought I could! I love to DIG DEEP and Read More

my inspire photo retreat 2013 experience

This February was crazy. For so many reasons! That Blizzard. Man oh man was I bitter about this, but really only for the shoveling part, otherwise it was kinda pretty.
Aside from 36” of snow the next craziest part of my month was the shake up I got while attending the Inspire photography conference in Sturbridge. I am on the planning team, so nothing about this conference should have been much of a surprise, right. Like, I totally knew what we had planned! Because I helped planned much of it!
And yet.
The internal shake up that followed- and Read More

c10 studio ezine issue two

To say I am over the moon right now is the understatement of this fine Thursday! Just in general, yes I am ANNNDD I am so pumped to share our second edition of the C10 Studio Ezine with all of you!!! This has and will continue to be such a labor of love for me. It is something I love to see as a finished designed product, and actually gives me butterflies. Nerdy, I admit! But true.
I feel so honored to work with so many amazing people at each wedding: from my sweet personable and trusting clients to each Read More

vermont fashion editorial with carla ten eyck and dd nickel

One of my favorite things about my life is that I am surrounded by creative, spontaneous friends who are (lucky for me) always up for a fun day of taking pictures with me! Even when it’s twelve degrees out in Vermont in deep snow…! So the other fun thing about all of this is the dreaming up part. See, a few years back my great friend DD Nickel and Nichole (former client turned designer and head of Coral Pheasant turned C10 Bestie!) and I were chit chat paddwacking about doing a fun shoot in Vermont in the winter right after Read More

well wed magazine mcqueen inspired shoot with carla ten eyck

It seems like FOREVER ago my good friends and ladies of inWHITE teamed up to style a fem­i­nine meets mas­cu­line edi­to­r­ial for Well Wed Mag­a­zine at the gor­geous New Haven Lawn Club! The Lawn Club is one of my favorite places to shoot- filled with fabulous art deco detailing and incredible light! From Nichole of Coral Pheasant, ” The inspi­ra­tion for the shoot was heav­ily influ­enced by the looks seen on the run­ways at the Sring 2012 New York Fash­ion Week and the Alexan­der McQueen 2011 Sav­age Beauty exhibit. When devel­op­ing the paper story, I chose to take a more mas­cu­line approach to the invi­ta­tion design using a strik­ing serif Read More

welcome our newest C10 associate jacob bergmeier!

The end of 2012 was full of some pretty major changes for me and the studio here! One of which was having the super talented photographer that is Jacob Bergmeier join our studio team of associates! I have known Jacob for many years and have always respected his work and his work ethic! And if I am being honest, his ties! He is always so smartly dressed and refined!
Jacob lives in Danbury CT with his wife Diana and daughter Lillian and joyfully shoots weddings on the weekends. The thing I love about JB (as I call him) is his Read More

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