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how and when should you hire employees a podcast by carla ten eyck

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Josh Rossi, creator of a site dedicated to helping and educating photographers looking to go and stay full time. A lot of what I do I used to do myself, until I had enough business to support bringing in a support staff of the most amazing people to help me run my studio like a well oiled bee hive! Many photographers do pretty much everything for their businesses… from taking the pictures, to designing the albums, the website, their branding, managing their studio, booking their clients, shipping Read More


This is when it gets hard. The dust is settling, and everyone’s life goes on. Posts about coffee, and gardens and family vacations and puppies and fun pictures with your friends flood my feed. It’s life. It does in fact go on. It’s bittersweet to see, coming off the craziest week of my life, where I felt frozen in the worst dream. I am now slowly waking with a tender and wounded heart. Still in shock and disbelief. At times forgetting that Eric is no longer here. Yesterday an alert popped up on my phone MEETING WITH RAW 9:30. I Read More

great gatsby inspired editorial shoot with the white dress by the shore


The Great Gatsby movie opens this weekend, and to much fanfare- more for the fashion or for the actual movie, who knows! There is something so romantic about the fashion and styling of this era, and to be able to do an editorial shoot that was Gatsby-Inspired was like a total no-brainer for me! What’s not to love? Visually I was overwhelmed with deep red lipsticks, feathers, texture, opulence on every level- from the styling of every little detail that our model Liane wore to the rich, beautiful paper Read More

meet my C10 studio management team

I am so excited to announce a partnership with a studio I have long admired. A few years back, Eric and Amber of RAW Photo Design burst onto the wedding photography scene. They were, and are, quite a force to be reckoned with. Although their edgy and highly stylized way of shooting is completely different from my more natural light approach, they kept me on my toes! We would collectively laugh when the same clients would meet with us both for their weddings because stylistically we are nothing alike. Our friendship grew over the years into a very deep Read More

ct beach engagement session

There are times while shooting that I stop and revel in the fact that this is my job, and how lucky am I to spend an afternoon with two happy, in love and amazing people?? So lucky. Their engagement shoot was the first time I met Ben and Jessica, and it felt like we had known each other for years. Their easy going manner with each other and desire to just have a good time in front of my camera was the perfect topper to the perfect afternoon…
We started off at Harkness Park since Jessica grew up going there Read More

meet our new studio associate Dave Noonan

Heeeyyyy Dave Noonan!!!!We couldn’t be more excited to announce our newest studio family member….! Dave brings his easy going personality  and love of photography to the team, along with his amazing hair! You know we like our hair here.. even if it’s not pink and purple! Dave fits right in with the crew and will be a wonderful addition to the team!
Here’s Dave’s bio:
Hey now!  Dave Noonan here, proud to be the new Associate Photographer to rep the C10 team.  Originally from and still residing on the west side of CT.   Danbury to be exact.  Read More

survivor stories

Raise your hand if you feel me on this. I take stock in my life, daily. While I’m driving, while I’m just waking up, while I’m supposed to be listening to someone talking (rude, I know) but honest. In line at the grocery store, while taking a shower, listening to the radio. My life, well. It’s pretty amazing. I have a healthy family, respectful, happy and loved children, a happy and loving husband. And friends? More good true friends than I can count on all my fingers and toes. You know who you are. But sometimes, I feel like I Read More

playa del carmen mexico editorial shoot behind the scenes

An unexpected little surprise of a trip came our way this spring right before I headed down to New Orleans to photograph a wedding in the French Quarter. And if that weren’t glamorous enough, this particular job landed us smack in the middle of one of the most beautiful beaches in the universe- Playa del Carmen, Mexico! How could I say no, right? So I adjusted my schedule and got my sunscreen ready, and as you will all be thrilled to see… my bathing suit!
Here is a little peek into the behind the scenes of what goes on Read More

spring back to basics photography workshop

Yesterday we had a house full of ladies (and Brian! or Bob as we like to call him!) excited to learn and grow as photographers. My Back to Basics workshop is my favorite workshop to teach. In the beginning of each class we have a meet and greet where we all share who we are, where we came from, what we shoot, what we love. It’s an important part to all of my classes as it really lets everyone know we are all in the same boat, and have all faced the same struggles, regardless of how far along in Read More

ten eyck tuesday posing workshop

Yesterday I taught a Ten Eyck Tuesday workshop… on a Thursday! Yes, mind numbing! This class was a special workshop set up specifically for a group of ladies who had all met at another workshop a while back and wanted to spend some more quality time getting their learn-on together!! I was totally game and the stars aligned and all of our schedules did as well so it was game ON! We had our past posing workshop couple Brooke and Jeremy come back for more posing love from us! We started off in my house, here is my foyer, sooooo Read More

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