Eyes up, heart open

Carla Ten Eyck

Jasmine Balgobin

summer farm to table

all the quiet pauses of this day created a quilt of moments that blanketed this day in love

farm to table wedding from jasmine balgobin on Vimeo.

grace full

this day felt like home
once in a blue moon, you’ll find a client who becomes a friend. everything falls beautifully into place, and moves just like water, flowing freely. i was lucky enough to have just that with stella and brian. and i am so thankful.
watch the beautiful day here:

WEBB BARN WEDDING from jasmine balgobin on Vimeo.

april by the water

maggie and rob are absolute sweethearts. they radiate as individuals and when they are together, there is a beautiful brightness about them. their family and friends cast that same brightness, and my lens was filled with light all day. thank you so much for welcoming us so warmly.
a huge thank you to my amazing second shooter anna, who is not only talented, but hilarious, and to my keenly observant third shooter sam, who always manages to surprise me.
hugs to maggie and rob! wishing you many wonderful years ahead! xo


seaside avenue

kathleen and tanner are pretty much models. with a tolerance for chilly weather that i admire. we planned for a warm sun kissed april shoot, because you know, it’s spring. well, this year spring has been taking it’s time reaching us, so we made do with a super breezy, frigid ocean afternoon. and i have to admit, i loved how i got to play with kathleen’s gorgeous hair in the wind. if panteen is hiring, they need to hire this girl!
congrats to you both. i am soooooooo excited to see you guys this summer on the farm!
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Sacred Spaces

personal projects have brought me back to life this winter.
sacred spaces is a celebration of the creative process. the mystical energy spun out of working with your hands. the gentle and knowing voice of your intuition. and the space we carve out to allow these parts to grow.
so thankful i took the time to quiet myself so i could see the path was just under my feet.

so much more to come:

sacred spaces

this is a preview of a personal project i’ve been working on, that gives me goose bumps every time i think of it. the project is about artists at play in their sacred studio spaces. i’ve been exploring my own sacred space and my intuitive process, and am so interested in other artist’s relationship with this magical dance. more to come soon!

winter tipi

i couldn’t be happier to be working with stella and brian this year. they truly are some of the nicest people i’ve met. as soon as i read their questionnaire i was giddy with excitement. they are both so down to earth and love and appreciate artistic expression in all forms. during my chat with stella she talked about their love of cinematography and the feel of Wong Kar Wai movies which she wanted her wedding photography to emulate, and are now on my movie list this winter. i love getting to know what makes my clients hair stand Read More

if green was a feeling

jenna and john stole my heart this day. we floated amongst the lily pads with the wind in our hair and went where the day took us. in my opinion, there is no better way to spend an afternoon. jenna and john have hearts of gold, and are deep down good to their bones. not to mention adorable together, with lots of charm and spark to keep things exciting. their wonderful and patient friend AJ, was my boat buddy, guiding us where we needed to go and even gave amazing direction. i think i may hire him to Read More

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