Eyes up, heart open

Carla Ten Eyck

June 2011

april and nico’s society room wedding

Hi! Here is a sweet, emotional wedding from last October! April and Nico (and their families) were so wonderful to hang with all day – we just loved them! Thanks to my bud, Sara-Code Kroll for shooting this wedding with me!

All the manly photos by Sara!

Ready to roll at the ceremony. The vertical shot and top horizontal shot is by Sara.

Sara brings up the back while I’m waiting at the top of the aisle!

Sara’s shots on the right.

Pretty skies despite the blazing sun! Sara shot of Read More

becca and ike’s new london beach engagement session

During our lovely weather week we had here in CT I had the pleasure of heading down to the shore for a shoot! What better way to spend the day, and I get to call it work, to boot! The lovely Alison Lassiter joined me as we whiled away the afternoon photographing my 2012 clients Becca and Ike!
Now, I may or may not have started my shoot off by getting yelled at by a beach security guard for locking the Gulls bathroom door (I did not) but I certainly did not let that break my stride! Oh no!
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