Eyes up, heart open

Carla Ten Eyck

February 2011

keepin’ it real: personal projects

One of my goals this 2011 is to have some photographic personal projects to work on. I have always been a big fan of them and on any given year have a few in the works ranging from the simple- photographing anything with a 10 in it- to more deeper personal levels- portraits of women who have lost their moms.
Now, you don’t need to get all deep on yourself to do something- which in my opinion, is what tends to hold people back in coming up with something in the first place! I say get over yourself and just Read More

keepin’ it real: with some bieber fever

In the world of blogging, having a regular feature to bring people back is a relatively smart thing to do, right? Well, I have been blogging for a long time and have been struggling with exactly what I wanted to put out there regularly. After taking inventory of what is really and truly true to me and who I am, I found- thanks to some helpful people pointing this out as well- that I like to keep it REAL.
I know this is not something special to the photography industry, that people want to really and truly know what is Read More

katie and jared’s new year’s eve wedding at the state room boston

This New Year’s Eve my boy Mike and I spent our New Year’s Eve with The Craig and Gill families in Boston, and we had such a great time!! They had their wedding and reception at the amazing venue The State Room in Boston, it was so… stately! And the view was to die for! Especially since it was New Year’s Eve and in Boston they have First Night- which meant FIREWORKS! Who doesn’t love weddings + fireworks!
To start the day the ladies got ready at Katie’s parents place and then we headed over to the State Room where Read More

news flash: i’m not dead…

… yet!! Yeah I know. This will be one of those blog posts that when I DO die (and I will, It’s a proven fact) people may go back and read and be all like ‘how creepy!’ But whatever, that is neither here nor there, and those people will be missing the point anyway.
Here is my point. I am finally at it, five years later.
Today marks the five year anniversary of the day we had to take my Mom off life support. At 1:30 p.m. in the hospital for special care, surrounded by my amazing family. As my Read More

carla ten eyck photography best of 2010

I get so melancholy when I put these best of’s together as I look back through the year and see all of the places that Mike and I have been together, and all of the amazing people we have met and connected with. And this is just the weddings part of what we do here- not including the many engagement shoots we venture out on, the monthly workshops I teach,or the editorial shoots that had me crossing the globe all year! Well, I am safe and sound back at home – as if I have a choice this snow is Read More

chrissy and justin’s wedding at the fox hill inn

Right before Christmas Mike, Greg and I photographed the wedding of Chrissy and Justin at the Fox Hill down Brookfield way…. it was a sunny and actually kind of balmy day for a December in CT! Nothing like the weather we are having lately, that is for SURE! So we started at Chrissy’s Mom’s house for some getting ready…. the place was filled with Christmas cheer, I felt like we were in the North Pole and I loved every minute of it!

Gotta keep that curl intact!

I love when Mike catches someones flash Read More

c10 associates’ best of 2010!!

Little soap box rant here, in preparation for my embarrassing display of love and affection that will follow…
Hiring associates, or wanting to hire them as the case is in many photographer’s minds- seems to be the thing this year! I am, obviously, all for it! Duh. I had three myself, and man I would have more if that’s the path I am supposed to be on!
The God’s honest truth is that after leaving my last pre-photography job, where I managed quite a few employees, I swore, SWORE that I would never manage people again! Good thing Read More

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