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Carla Ten Eyck

January 2011

leigh ann and jonathans old state house wedding

Right before Christmas I got to photograph the most Hartford of Hartford Weddings I have ever shot! It was Hartford to the max, and I loved every minute of it! Our clients Leigh ann and Jonathan met in Hartford, at a place that was very near and dear to me- Mayor Mike’s Restaurant. So for them to celebrate in Hartford was a no-brainer! We had the trifecta of Hartford going for us: Hartford City Hall, The Old State House and The Society Room of Hartford!
I started off with the ladies at Leigh Ann and Jonathan’s house…

While Mike Read More

nichole and tim’s buttonwoods rhode island wedding

Strap yourself in for a giant, emotion and detail filled post filled to the BRIM with … emotion and detail! ta-da!
This past October I had the honor to photograph my good friend Nichole and Tim’s wedding in the quaint little seaside village of Old Buttonwoods Rhode Island. When I met Nichole it was like client love at first meeting, I swear! We professed our mutual love within minutes and it was game ON from that point forward! Tim is ok too. ha!
Tim and Nichole balance each other in the best ways, are both so artistic and fashion forward Read More

the ocean house behind the scenes

Waaaaaaaaay back in the sunny old month o’ May Candice of Jubilee Events and I co-hosted and taught a workshop called Collaborate and Create at the super cali-fabulous Ocean House in Watch Hill Rhode Island. The gist: how to organize, set up and run your own editorial shoot! It was almost a week PACKED with learning, networking and most of all, LAUGHING (you know I love to laugh)- the true spirit of our group came together and we had a grand old time!
Now, one of the things I love to hate about doing these shoots is the time span Read More

real weddings vs styled shoots

So I was INNOCENTLY perusing facebook (is there really such a thing??) today and came across what is a apparently a VERY hot topic on one of my favorite blogs Junebug Weddings. It goes a little like this:
What constitutes the art of wedding photography- real weddings vs. stylized shoots vs commercial shoots.
Apparently two images in Junebug’s Best of Weddings 2010 were not from legit, real weddings. Oh dear! The scandal! Now you can call me a bitter Betty for two reasons:
1) I submitted images and was not picked (boo HOO for me!) but I am not really Read More

the connecticut bride magazine shoot

Remember back in CT in late October when we got that random 75 degree day? I know I totally do! Me and my creative dream team had a shoot planned for The Connecticut Bride Magazine– which was supposed to look springish too- yes! In late October! In Connecticut! But I worked with what Mrs. Mutha Nature gave me…. and I just love how it turned out!
Here is my team for the day:
on fashion passion: Beth Chapman of The White Dress by the Shore
on table scape and pork rind duty: Candice Coppola of Jubilee Events
on floral Read More

jen and ryan’s candlewood inn wedding

They had known each other for literally all of their lives… but the love took a little bit longer. Ryan’s boyhood crush started in middle-school, during one of their family’s yearly summer vacations to the beach. He thought she was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen… and she thought that he was a great friend. So he waited. Patiently. Several summers later, he won her heart… and he’s had it ever since.
Jennifer was the perfect DIY bride: relaxed, creative, and completely willing to roll up her sleeves. Her Read More

gala weddings magazine cover shoot

So you think you want to be a big time published photographer and do all kinds of fun shoots that take you to all corners of the world, huh. Do you really? To be quite honest, I never really wanted all that. Being published was never really the end game for anything that motivated me on any of the shoots I coordinated with my great friends Candice Coppola of Jubilee Events, Beth Chapman of The White Dress by the Shore, Tony Palmieri of Datura A Modern Garden and the team of Dana Bartone & Company. Yeah right you say, well Read More

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