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Carla Ten Eyck

September 2010

nichole and tim’s total urban decay engagement session

BLAH!!!!!! I don’t even know how to start this post!! OK, OK, I’m just gonna jump in then… Nichole and Tim’s wedding is one of those weddings that I have been looking forward to since we first met. Not only because it has the makings of one of my most favorite weddings, but mostly because we have become more than just clients, or even friends but kindred creative spirits.
Joined together by our Mom’s quirky love of Queen Anne’s Lace, and love of design and abandoned buildings and color, and old books and well, everything cool….! Here is what we Read More

paul and krystal’s golden lamb buttery engagement

Honestly, any chance I get to write those words together, I am ALL over it!!! GOLDEN LAMB BUTTERY!!!!!! Man. I just love saying, it, writing it, and saying it again!!! Not only do I love the words, I just adore the place! Dave and I are headed there for another special dinner soon, I highly suggest you give it a try, it’s kinda like Old Sturbridge Village meets a barn and dinner? What do I know! Wait!! What I DO know as gospel is that it is aWONDERFUL PLACE! Where they tolerate my spaztic typing and all caps shout-a-thons!!
OK, Read More

jen and stein’s wedding at lord thompson manor

Jen and Stein’s September wedding at Lord Thompson Manor had me feeling more than a little crazy afterwards, and all for good reason!! First of all they were just two of the easiest to get along with people- if that is even a sentence…and their families and friends were so warm and inviting… add to THAT the venue? Yeah, Lord Thompson Manor is my new favorite place to shoot! Not only for the way it looks and photographs, which is amazing- but for their amazing, accommodating and wonderful staff. Man, they sure know how to throw a party- and make Read More

the amazing jim altieri

I am almost at a loss here. ALLLLMMMMOOOSSSSTTTT!!!! Many of you have seen or heard about Jim Altieri, through my site, on your own, whatever! Well, mark today off as the day you see what the amazing, crazy talented Jim Altieri is capable of with doing weddings his way. This will make you love this guy more, when you see how he sees. Amazing job Jim, you blew me away!

Emily and Pat Get Married from Jim Altieri on Vimeo.

emily and pat wedding at saltwater farm vineyard ct

Confession time! I don’t watch the news- and basically have no idea what is going on in the world! My head is full, what can I say? So when Dominique told me that there was a hurricane coming our way… I was more than a little surprised! Don’t judge, it was SUNNY and beautiful the few days before!!
So we turned on the radio on in the studio to get an idea of what they were predicting for us and no joke- Scott Haney- who I just love- says as he sang along to the Three’s Company theme song- (and Read More

melissa and mike wedding at anthony’s ocean view

From the moment I met Melissa, Mike and their families, I just knew we would be fast friends. And I was so right on! Little did I know that the second we walked in to her families home we would become family to them, and they to us. They were so open and welcoming to us all, it was just the icing on the cake of the best day! Their wedding on the shore line of CT- the ceremony was at St. Mary’s in New Haven and their fun, all night crazy party was at one other than the super Read More

tina and jason wedding at amarante’s sea cliff

Jason and Tina!! It’s finally here, my team’s version of your amazing wedding at Amarante’s Sea Cliff in CT!! I have to tell you it was so much fun working these images up and reliving how fun you both were, and how fun your bridal party was!!! Mike and I had such a great time with you all… well let me back track here…
We started off at Tina’s parents house where she got ready with her ladies after getting her make up and hair done by none other than Dana Bartone and Co.!! I was able Read More

costa rica editorial beach wedding

What feels like years ago, but was in reality, only a few months back in the fine spring of this year, I had an opportunity to take a trip. Me, the one who said pretty loud and pretty proud that I did not really want to be what every photographer thinks they want to be at some point in their career: a destination wedding photographer.
Now, keep your skirt on- I’m not taking it all back- but- turns out I had some amazing traveling opportunities come round my way that left my head spinning and my camera shutter going at Read More

rebecca and jared golden lamb buttery wedding shoot…

… and contest! More on that in uno momento!!
Riddle me this: how many people know someone who doesn’t like their wedding photos– for a variety of reasons. No dissin’ on the photographers who shot them, times have changed- maybe it rained?(I mean, I love the rain, but not everyone does!) Maybe you had to book a venue you didn’t really love? Or envisioned having your wedding pictures taken someplace totally different than where you were really able to?
So instead of just nodding and sympathizing with them about it, I am interested in doing something about it! Like, creating Read More

sarah and jose wedding at the central park boat house ny

Big blog posts are becoming my thang here, I guess!! How can they not be, when I have clients as fun as Sarah and Jose- and a venue as fun as the Central Park Boat House in Central Park, or flowers as cool as were done by Lenox HIll Florists in NY or video by the amazing Tom Morlock of Vantage Point Films or a beautiful dress from Kleinfeld’s or, cupcakes by the Cupcake Cafe or or…. see what I’m saying here??
Check for yourself. See. Look!!! Check out this intricate, beautiful detailing on her gown!

Sarah and Read More

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