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Carla Ten Eyck

June 2010

katie and jared boston engagement session

A few weeks back I headed into Cambridge MA for what turned out to be a rainy, sunny adventurous engagement shoot with my 2010 wedding clients Katie and Jared.Since we had done everything over the phone I had no idea what to expect- but I have to say I love the element of surprise- not only in what people will look like but in what their chemistry is together, and then with me!
Turns out we all had great chemistry together- and had so much fun laughing and getting to know each other while getting even more excited for their Read More

danielle and john sneak peek

Couldn’t help myself from posting this little gem from a wedding I shot last weekend at the Saybrook Point Inn in Old Saybrook CT with some new favorite people and some old favorite people!
Danielle is…. well. To say she is beautiful is just the understatement of the year!! Check out her smile!
Stay tuned for one of my favorite weddings of the 2010 season with this lineup!
Jubilee Events
The White Dress by the Shore
Blush Floral
Jennie Fresa Beauty Library
Rob Alteri’s DJ and Lighting

Headed to Newport for Katy and Kyle’s wedding with my pals and Read More

joe and erin wedding at the great river country club

Finally I have this post done!!!And I say this in the best possible way- see I was feeling some major pressure to deliver here- only because Joe has become a close friend of not only me but the studio- he is a fellow photographer- so I was feeling the HEAT!! But those of you that know me? Know that I thrive on pressure and I love the thrill of competition! So I was like, game ON! Completely with myself, mind you. But I was still a little loud and a little rambunctious!
In addition to having two just all around Read More

erin and joe sneak peek

Joe and Erin deserve a little sneak peek love! I have been working on their images for a while only becasue there are many, many, MANY ones that I just love and am prepping the mother of all blog posts for them!
But I had to give them a little suntin’ suntin’ for the mean time….!

tere was her jack

So today is my oldest sister Tere’s birthday. Happy Birthday, sis! It’s a little after midnight and I was poking around facebook and then was getting all sentimental about stuff- as late night Facebok poking around can do at times… and decided that I wanted to give my oldest sister Tere a little shout out.
See, Tere is not your normal older sister. She is covered in tattoos, has many piercings, crazy bangs, an even crazier and super witty husband Charlie and I guess by the crazy gauge of one Mike Romano, she is way, way crazy, for she Read More

britt and tim avon old farms engagement session

Rebecca and I got to spend a lazy, beautiful spring day with my clients Britt and Tim at Tim’s old stomping ground, Avon Old Farms in Avon, CT. Avon in and of itself is such a quaint Connecticut town, and to go scoot around with someone who spent a lot of time there was fun! Mostly because I am so directionally challenged and don’t really venture out of my Hartford comfort zone much, or so some people may say! Hardy har.
So here is this cute little pond? Lake? Not sure when one grows from a pond to a lake Read More

alicia and jack wedding at the gershon fox room hartford

I gotta say that I just love my job. I love it!! Not only the photography part, that’s a no-brainer for me, of course I love that part!
But once I meet my couples, we click,and it’s game on till the wedding! So then when I show up at their weddings and see all of the things they have been cooking in the time since we booked- and I am like
Alicia and Jack’s wedding at one of my favorite places to shoot in Hartford!!! the Gershon Fox Room in Hartford CT was like that to me. Read More

another fun collaboration

A field, at sunset with some of my favorite people in the world, doing what I LOVE.
You do the math!!
Jim Alteri does it again!!!

Small Town from Jim Altieri on Vimeo.

Big thanks to everyone- Max and Liza you guys were amazing!!

jenna and aaron falls village engagement session

Back in April I got together with some clients of mine that I had booked over the phone and never met in person…. until their engagement shoot! We had a great rapport on the phone so I was really looking forward to seeing them and how we would all jive. Well good thing I wasn’t worried because they are just the sweetest couple and have such a calm energy together that I loved to see.
They brought me to the site where they met- this beautiful camp in the rolling hills of CT.

The overcast, rainy day really worked Read More

max sneak peek

It’s the week o’ the sneak peek here at the studio!!! oh-em-GEEEE
And why shouldn’t I be able to play along?? Especially when what I have here is so white hot…. you would burn yourself UP if you could touch it.
be sure to check back for more of this amazing model shoot!!


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