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Carla Ten Eyck

May 2010

introducing max

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This past winter I had the pleasure of working with one of my new favorite people- Max. Max modeled for an editorial shoot we did on a cold, snowy day in December- and he was so amazing to work with- he took direction incredibly well and could keep a straight face in the midst of all of my yelling and joking- maybe that just means that I am not a funny gal! And maybe not!
So we have been working on beefing up his Read More

behind the scenes at the loading dock in stamford ct

Back in April we participated in an Inspiration to Reality shoot for the crazy awesome wedding blog, Style Me Pretty at the Loading Dock in Stamford CT. It ran last week, and I was really excited about having it up there. First off, having a same sex couple up on such a widely read blog was great. Go Lindsey and Kate! And second, putting out such a fresh and clean look for our shoot is something…. well, fresh and clean! Don’t get me wrong, I loooove the whole vintage feel of everything that’s going on now but it’s nice to Read More

uconn engagement session by katie slater

Hello 2010 season! We are in full swing here at the studio and myself, Erik and Miss Katie Slater have all started our adventures for the year!
Straight out of the gate here is Katie with a beautiful beautiful engagement session that she shot a few weeks back on a very hot and crazy day for her 2010 clients Jen and Dana….
Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect to see over on Katie’s blog!
Click HERE to see the rest of Katie’s beautiful shoot and read her always delightful commentary!


costa rica video by buzz media

Come closer. No really. Lean in cloooooose. I’m going to share something with you all that to me? Is one of my career high points. The end of a two day destination shoot in the rainforest of Costa Rica…on a shoot for the amazing…
and I have it here.
Mike and Erica from the amazing Buzz Media were apart of the collaboration that seems to be my existance these days. And to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Here is their take on what we did, how we ended. How we rushed up to the top Read More

white sands new mexico editorial shoot

…or maybe this should be called… ‘when everything all comes crashing down on your face shoot’ ??!!
OK, let me back up one sec here!
First and foremost I have been very excited to post about this for a variety of reasons. Because of the volume of editorial shoots that I have been doing, and the fact that they are for publication means that I can’t blog about them or show anyone anything. Big bummer for me because I get so excited about what we all do and to not share it is torture!! So amongst the ‘for publication’ shoots Read More

meet miss hales

Back in April I did the most impromptu photo shoot with the new studio’s Assistant Studio Manager, Miss Rebecca Hales! Rebecca joined the team this past March- and who knew that spontaneous modeling was a part of the job! Well, she clearly knows how we roll here and she is more than game for the adventure!
This post is actually preceding my New Mexico post- which is a whole total other story that I can’t wait to share!
So, as always, I had more than a little help from my friends in the business- I would be no place Read More

check out hildi on cbs!!

Last week I was so excited to hear that our friend and client Hildi Todrin was getting a special make over for mother’s day on the Early Show on CBS!!! I can’t think of someone who deserves it more!
Hildi we are all so proud of you!!

Watch CBS News Videos Online

nick and ging’s wedding at the palace at somerset park

What feels like forever ago- only March, but still! I had my season opener with two of my most favorite clients- Nick and Ging at the Palace at Somerset Park in NJ. The team at this event consisted of my tried and true second shooter Mike Romano and my new studio editor and sidekick Greg Lewis! To say that we spent the better part of our day giggling like little kids would be a bit of an understatement!
Ging is so incredibly beautiful and happy and radiant- she makes our job fun and easy! Here we are rushing back from Read More

cinco de mayo editorial shoot

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Do any of you know what you are celebrating, besides having an excuse to have Margaritas after work? Neither do I!!! The best part is that my Father is from Mexico, so we have this running joke every year where I ask him what the hell Cinco de Mayo is all about. And he tells me. And then I forget! And then I ask him the following year!! Pretty funny stuff you say, no? Well not really I am sure it’s more than a little irritating to my poor padre but what are you gonna do!Read More

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