Eyes up, heart open

Carla Ten Eyck

March 2010

ging and nick new jersey wedding sneak peek

Nick and Ging’s wedding at The Palace in Somerset NJ started off my 2010 wedding season the way I want all seasons started… with an amazing couple, wonderful families and emotion to spare!!!
I wanted to throw up a super quick sneak peek since I am going to be traveling for the next three weeks but knew you would appreciate at least one of my favorite images from the day
This one? I love.

Have a safe trip – I hope to see you both soon!!!


erin and joe jonathan edwards winery sneak peek

I am not a sneak peek kind of gal, I tend to just bust it out! When it needs bustin out to be done. Or something. However…. since it’s now or three weeks from now, I vote for a little somethin’ somethin’ AHORA!
My good friends Joe and Erin!! Jonathan Edwards Winery Engagement session!
So so so so so SO much fun. We laughed! We cried! OK I cried but whatever.
Joe and Erin have become very close friends of mine and the studio- so we let it all hang when we get together…
So here you go Joe and Read More

kaitlin and kyle rhode island engagement

If there were a category for ‘wow look at the way he is looking at her’ for my blog, this would be checked off in SPADES! Kaitlyn and Kyle are just two of the most in love clients I think I have ever had. Honest. I left our shoot last week just full of the energy that being around such intense, true and deep love can fill you with. Sappy, maybe! But true. Real. Ask anyone who spoke to me right after that shoot!
So to go on from here and say how excited I am for their Newport Wedding Read More

good ol’ Rochester

This Monday brought me to my old stomping grounds, home of Rochester Institute of Technology, DiBella’s and the one and only Nick Tahou’s Garbage Plate. It’s amazing. And gross. And has the word ‘garbage’ in it. And I love it!!
One of my very favorite memories while at RIT was finding this amazing and scary abandoned place -I am not going to tell you where for fear of being arrested later for trespassing so don’t ask me!!- that I went to first with my frineds Andy and Sandy, yes, I know. And Sandy totally drove a crazy van and had Read More

be careful what you wish for…

I like to travel, I am not gonna lie. But I will be honest with you, I do not want to be a destination wedding photographer, and I am not ashamed to admit it! I love my third smallest state in the union here- CONNECTICUT!!!! like no other. With its crappy weather (right now anyway) and super small town appeal, I am in heaven every time I come home.
These next two months are going to be some of the craziest months- actually I am smack in the middle of crazy right now- but I ask you not Read More

Collaborate and Create 2010

This May 16-19 my good friend and very talented Event Planner Candice Dowling-Coppola of Jubilee Events and I will be teaming up to present: Collaborate and Create 2010– a photography and design event!!
To say I am excited is the understatement of the year!! Candice and I have been working together on editorial shoots pretty much every month this past year – in Connecticut to New Orleans and beyond and have some crazy ones in the planning stages that we can’t wait to share with everyone.

We get asked a lot how we put together Read More

ten eyck tuesday back to basics

Tomorrow I will make the trek out to WPPI in Vegas for a week, and I have to say I am BEYOND pumped! Sooooo many people that I love and respect as not only photographers but people are going to be there from our good old Nutmegger state representing our little slice of the photography community! My girls Nikki Nicole, Amanda Herzberger of Orchard Cove, Jane Shauck from Iris Photography; Paul & Krystal from Studio Foto; Jen and Jerome Braga of Studio 1923; Rob and Kathleen Trenskee of Rob & Kathleen Photographers; Justin and Mary Marantz (who are speaking!!!!); Read More

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