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Carla Ten Eyck

February 2010

Inspire Boston 2010

This last week was the whirlwind to start the whirlwind of all whirlwinds for me… and the butterflies are still in my belly to prove it! So, to give you a little back ground: I was a part of one of the BEST photo retreats / conferences / seminars I have ever been a part of! BIG thanks to Matt and Enna Grazier for dreaming this up and then finding the means to make it happen!!
Inspire Boston 2010 was amazing. It was beyond amazing, to be perfectly honest. There were so many photographers new to the business and Read More

ten eyck tuesday posing workshop

This past Tuesday ushered in a new workshop in the Ten Eyck Tuesday Photography Workshop line up: Posing! This is something that I used to really struggle with at shoots- you’ve got a great couple…and only 20 minutes to kick some butt and get some protraits done- NOW WHAT??
Rather than freak out and panic, I came up with a system that worked well for me and thought it would be a nice thing to share with my fellow photographers. Turns out I was right- we all had a lot of fun together and really got into the shooting flow-RIDA!Read More

new orleans full video!

New Orleans Shoot | 7D from Vantage Point Films on Vimeo.

It’s here, the full length video from Tom Morlock of Vantage Point Films!! Tom came down to document our trip and shoot and I am so happy with this!!!!

New Orleans wedding photo shoot

What started out as an idea between friends and colleagues blossomed into one of the craziest and most rewarding experiences of my professional career. That seed of an idea started with me, then my girl Candice from Jubilee Events, then we added our amazing videographer Tom Morlock from Vantage Point Films… and then one by one more vendors/friends joined in the fun… Beth Chapman from The White Dress by the Shore, Tony from Datura A Modern Garden; Jennie Fresa and Nedelyn for beauty and hair… rounding out the group was Candice’s assistant Diana, my Studio Manager and BFF Dominique, Read More

the dead mom’s club, four years later

Today marks four years since my Mom, Georgie Hernandez, died peacefully surrounded by her family. You want to know what one of her pet peeves was? She used to HATE when she would read the obituaries and that is all it would say! Even knowing that she was dying, she and I would read them, and she would get all heated and wonder aloud why people didn’t just say how they died. ‘so-and-so fell down the stairs, or it was a car accident or had cancer or COPD or whatever’.
They always left you thinking about the how and not Read More

Inspiration to Reality Inspiration Board Challenge!

Our studio is so proud to be taking part in a SPRING themed Inspiration to Reality shoot for Style Me Pretty!
This is the chance to have your wedding ideas designed by an amazing group of vendors!! We’ll be working with Jubilee Events, The White Dress by the Shore, Datura: A Modern Garden, and Dana Bartone & Co. along with MANY other amazing wedding professionals from Connecticut to put together a Photoshoot inspired by YOU!
How, you say?
All you need to do is create a user account at As a member of their “style circle”, Read More

wedding wednesday seminar march 24, 2010

I know, I know! Another workshop you say??!! Well, this one is different! It’s on a Wednesday, for starters. Second of all, I can’t help myself. I love teaching, I love helping new photographers- well I like helping old ones too but then if I help the younger ones then when I am old maybe they can help me with my bags! I know Mike likes that one. So I came up with this seminar…

Contrary to popular belief-being a successful wedding photographer is about WAY more than just taking great pictures! Read More

thirst relief mentor auction 2010

One of the highlights of the last four years has been going to the biggest wedding photography trade show in the country- WPPI – in Las Vegas. While I am by no stretch a Vegas kind of gal, I will make the yearly trek out to see old friends in the business while also making new friends. This year I may have to wager a guess that it is the biggest group from our CT PUG group going to date! One of the things I am looking forward to being there for is my good friends and PUG leaders Justin Read More

celebrity stunt double – Hurley from Lost

In honor of the Lost season premiere… I bring you the msot dead alike double I have come across at a wedding!
I swear, Graham and I were CONVINCED this was Hurley from Lost until almost the end of the wedding- and yes, even while I was snuggling with him in the photo booth!!

Can I get an A-MEN!?

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