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Carla Ten Eyck

January 2010

best of weddings 2009

I am so excited to say that our best of 2009 weddings highlight slide show is here for your viewing pleasure! Big props to Graham for putting it together, I am so sorry I ruined this song for you!
Watching this made me all melancholy as I looked back at our year here at the studio- and I celebrated all of the changes that we have undergone! From the total completion of my renovated studio space, my amazing studio manager and bff Dominique to the addition of our extremely talented associate photographers- Erik Maziarz; Katie Slater and Graham Scobey Read More

celebrity stunt double

Another installation of my favorite part of my day, matching up my peeps with their celebrity stunt doubles!!

He likes long walks on the beach, Hendrick’s Gin and Tonics and Miley Cyrus! The man, the myth the legend, my steady second

you know you’re my boy Romano!!!!


c 10 ike minus 10

This particular post has been brewin’ in my brain for some time now. But I knew. As soon as I put it out there I was done. Trapped. Accountable. I HAD to follow through. ….sigh….. hence the delay in posting, I guess?
Well ‘two tears in a bucket!!’ I say!
I seeeeem to have misplaced about 10 pounds…..but trust me, I am NOT looking to find them!
And I am looking to misplace quite a few more- so that when people look at me they say ‘Wow, she had TWO kids and looks that good?!’ Instead of looking at me Read More

christine and mark wedding at l’escale in greenwhich ct

The team at Carla Ten Eyck Photography rang in the New Year with Christine and Mark’s BEAUTIFUL winter wedding at L’Escale in Greenwich CT. It was not only an amazingly beautiful wedding, it was full of emotion and fun!
First can I also say how much I love working with the staff at L’Escale? They are easy going, professional and so great! Thanks for making our night so much fun! We had our good friend and amazing videographer Tom Morlock from Vantage Point Films along for the ride and their band The Rhythm Shop just about brought the house DOWN!!Read More

celebrity stunt double

It’s Grammy’s turn to buuuuurn in the fire here with our next installment of Celebrity Stunt Double!
Graham = Curt from Glee, minus the awesome singing and dancing skills, though I’d wager Graham just may do a great rendition of ‘Single Ladies’…. maybe he will show us when he comes to the studio later!

ten eyck tuesday lighting workshop

Our second lighting workshop in January at Hartford City hall was SO much fun, I can’t even tell you all! Well. I guess I can!
Let me just get this out there. I truly think that the success of my workshops is measured by the images that everyone who attends gets! Wait till you see what this class got!!!
Here is one of the shots I snagged in between sets ups.
And here are our models for the day: Paul and Krystal of Studio Foto! I know, I know, it was like cheating having them to photograph they are Read More

celebrity stunt double

On ward and upward! More celebrity stunt doubles for your viewing pleasure 🙂
Here is my BFF and studio manager Dominique aka Maggie Gyllenhall!

ten eyck tuesday lighting workshop

The first of our two Ten Eyck Tuesday Lighting workshops this month was on a veeerrryyy chilly day at the studio in Hartford. Our class was at full capacity with five of the most talented and energetic ladies in the business: Rebecca Hales, Robin Dini, Danielle Fuller, Liz Squillacote and Meg Hamilton from waaaay up Northern New Hampshire way rounded out our fun group of ladies. In the past two years of teaching these workshops my favorite part remains the same: the look on everyone’s faces BEFORE we start shooting and then the looks on their faces AFTER it Read More

emily and brian wedding at the society room in hartford

Back in December me, Mike and Katie wrapped up our 2009 season together with a wedding at the Society Room in Hartford…. which was of course was filled with melancholy for yours truly. I am an emotional gal and thinking about everything we have done together this year had me in a tizzy! Lucky Katie and Mike!
But lucky US- because our clients are just two of the most wonderful and sweet couples we have yet to meet. I met Emily and her Mom waaaaaay back when they booked (it always feels like it’s a million years from Read More

INSPIRE Boston 2010 Photography conference

One of my goals for 2010 was to put myself out there more for teaching purposes- see what else I could tackle in addition to the monthly Ten Eyck Tuesdays. Well wouldn’t you know that one of the coolest new photography mini-conference retreats on the east coast- INSPIRE Boston 2010– put on by the Boston Photographers Guild and Lens Pro to Go- has asked me to be a part of it this year!
The best part?
I am going to be hosting a live shoot! While speaking! See… I can multi-task! Sometimes….
There are so many talented speakers Read More

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