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Carla Ten Eyck

September 2009

liz and greg wedding at the society room in hartford ct

So on the best day in the world to get married…. that would be September 18th…. (my TEN YEAR anniversary!!) My girl Liz and her high school sweetheart Greg had their wedding at the Society Room in Hartford CT. The combo of all of these things coming together was something that I can’t explain, but I am the better person for it! So yes, I did in fact work on my ten year wedding anniversary, let me just clarify this right outta the gate. I asked Dave and he was all for it, so of course I asked and Read More

liz and somudra engagement session at the blue hill farm ny

I had the absolute pleasure and delight of going to a real working farm- Blue Hill Farm in NY- with my October clients Liz and Somudra for their engagement session. We had a beautiful day with incredible light and best of all? Liz and Somudra!! So normally I wait to spring this scenario on my clients- since I pretty much end up in their face and personal space…. but after chatting for 5 minutes with these two I felt they were ready for some space invasion!
How beautiful is Miss Liz!!!
A Ideal Husbandn full movie Read More

zac and aubre engagement session in philly

Zac and Aubre’s wedding in October is something that I am so excited for!! To kick it off we did an engagement session in Philly and visited some places that were special to them….

Where it all began…..
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There was a really colorful and interesting mural that we had to go shoot in front of!

Zac is one tall drink of water!!

They are so sweet and loving to one another, I can only imagine what their wedding is going to be like!

We headed down by Read More

jason and maggie wedding at the aqua turf ct

…the third and final installment of our crazy fun triple header labor day weekend wedding bonnaza….
Maggie and Jason’s Aqua Turf Zoom ipod wedding during labor day weekend was the final day of our shooting good times- for that weekend anyway! We just can’t seem to get enough!! Now what do I say about Maggie and Jason? First off they are both such good people, let me start there. Like so patient, and gentle and well…. GOOD. Like to the core of who they are. And emotional? Well let’s just say that Jason is very in touch with how Read More

stephanie and jason wedding at the fox hill inn ct

…part II in a series of III super crazy shooting triple header wedding bonanza….
So here we are, on our second wedding of the weekend, with the awesome Stephanie and Jason at the Fox Hill Inn in Brookfield CT! Stephanie and Jason booked us so far back I feel like I have known them for a long long time- so coming back together for their wedding just seemed like a natural and easy fit. They certainly made our day of shooting a dream, from giving us hours of shooting time before hand for their first look, to the awesome details, Read More

kristin and dennis wedding at the inn at longshore

Capping our August off was the wedding of Kristin and Dennis at the Inn at Long Shore in Westport CT! Although the weather wasn’t on our side, Kristin and Dennis were in high spirits all day and didn’t let it get them down at all… We started at Peter Coppola Salon in Westport CT. Doesn’t Kristin look stunning??

Kristin had a great two-piece set for her wedding dress
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It rains? Embrace it

Champagne to celebrate is always good!
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Kristin Read More

scott and nicole wedding at the water's edge resort ct

……part one of three of a crazy fun weekend of wedding shooting BLISS……
Scott and Nicole’s wedding at the Water’s Edge Resort in Westbrook CT was nothing short of so much fun, beautiful light, beautiful location, the beach!!! And an awesome couple to boot! So we get there and Nicole is easing into the day- and by we I mean me, my steady second Mike and Miss Katie the Amazing karate chopping Slater!

So one of my favorite things to do? You know you know! Show you all where we are when we get some of the images we Read More

kelly and bill wedding at the waterview

In August Nikki Nicole joined the fray here and second shot Kelly and Bill’s wedding at the Waterview in Monroe with me and Graham! We all had such a great time- Kelly and Bill and both just so down to earth and in love our job was easy…. here is what we came back with!!
I shot Kelly’s dress in a doorway backlit with my flash, I really love the detail here her dress was so pretty!

Purple was the color of the day….!

One of their relative took a photo from our engagement shoot in Boston and Read More

Where were you?

American Pie Presents Band Camp hd
Between Love & Goodbye As many of you read this I will be high in the sky on a plane headed across the country to San Francisco with Mike for a shoot. yes, I will be flying on September 11th and to be honest I feel kind of weird about it, eight years later. But tell me I didn’t pick the best flight companion!!! Totally not on purpose, Katie takes karate, she’d be awesome too…
September 11th is a day of remembrance. Do you remember where you were?
I was at Read More

caitlin and scott block island engagement session

I am finally able to post this awesome engagement session that Mike and I shot on Block Island back at the end of August!! Our 2010 clients Caitlin and Scott met us on Block for their shoot on one of the most beautiful days we have had this summer. So what do Mike and I do? We make it into a family vacation and bring our spouses and kids- even Dominique- my BFF and Office Manager came along with her family! After chilling on the beach with our families for the day- we had caught the first ferry over in Read More

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