Eyes up, heart open

Carla Ten Eyck

August 2009

lacy and gene wedding at the racebrook country club

I met Lacy last year when she was the maid of honor at her best friend Samira’s wedding- she had the sassiest pink shoes on with her dress and from that point on I knew we would get along! So when she got engaged to Gene we were on deck to photograph their wedding at the Racebrook Country Club in Orange CT earlier in August.
Now if I think I’m friends with Lacy, well her Mom was quickly inching her way into my favor very quickly! She was quick with a laugh and had THE coolest closet FULL, and when Read More

nick and ging new jersey engagement session

I’m going to open by dispelling a bad stereotype:
Jersey ain’t all that dirty!
I love it, in fact!
Although the traffic to get there I can do without, but that goes without saying… So on to our regularly scheduled programming…. the main reason why Mike and I were in Jersey to begin with- our fabulous engagement session with our extremely photogenic and witty couple ging and Nick. So we go to this pretty cool park, right? I know, I know- parks challenge me! But I rose to the challenge and this is what I came back Read More

derek and aleks minneapolis wedding part 2

Derek and Aleks, the final installment!
Dramatic, I know since there was only one before it!
Here are my two good buddies Gustav and Martin from way back in the RIT days of film and darkrooms and Watercolor class with Shep. I love these two guys like brothers and am so glad that they were a part of Derek’s day. Plus they looks super handsome all dressed up!!

One of my favorite images of the year. Derek shares a big hug with his Mom right before the ceremony…

I came in here because someone told me Aleks was Read More

robin and frank maternity session

See Robin. See Robin smile!

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and HOW!!!
This girl loves to laugh up a storm and her guy Frank just goes with the flow and laughs right alongside her and her little nugget baby boy that is due any day!!
So of course we had to go out on the town and shoot, and was it HOT out! But she was a trooper…

The Dinis are BIG converse fans of little converse

Who is cooler than Frank?
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She couldn’t hold Read More

derek and aleks minneapolis wedding part one

Earlier in August I traveled to the Minneapolis to photograph the wedding of a close friend of mine, Derek Till. I met Derek way back in 1991 during my freshman year at RIT. We shared almost all of our freshman photo classes, along with a group of other close friends of mine- and many years later, have all managed to stay in close touch. We have had many reunion trips since graduation that have included our families, and some that have just included us. We have all traveled the world over to attend each others’ weddings and have been there Read More

dress shot tutorial

Shooting the dress in less than FOUR frames Mr. Moto in Danger Island trailer .
It can be done! Here’s how:
Scope out the situation, look around the room- where can I put the dress where it won’t get wrinkled or dirty? A window? A doorframe?
I chose the window. But. I am SO over shooting it hanging it just in the window. Like. Blah. Here I am. A dress. In the window. Just hanging.
So what do you do?
An easy way to spice it up is shoot a reflection of it in the window. Still. It harkens back Read More

kelsey and jeff rhode island engagement session

We had some sun last week and Mike and I took FULL advantage of it with our 2010 clients Kelsey and Jeff. We had their engagement session at a beach in Rhode Island, which I am always game for!
Raise your hand if you don’t LOVE Rhode Island beaches!
That’s what I thought!!

Let me introduce you to my friend, Mr.Orville Reddenbocker

So many different looks from one sitting- Kelsey was laughing at my…. ‘enthusiasm’ ….What can I say? I got a good picture out of her reaction!

If I could take a BATH in this Read More

harris and soulaf greenwich engagement session

Harris and Soulaf are back but this time it’s for their engagement session on a lovely summer afternoon in Greenwich, where Harris is from. The shoot started off as normal, until- I had every photographer’s nightmare happen to me: I completely rolled my right ankle in a hole in the grass, heard it POP (I did, it was yucky) and, while on my way to falling flat on my face going down a HILL, had to decide:
what would hit the ground first – my camera or my face??!!
Seriously. I chose my face until at the very last Read More

krista and jose bond ballroom wedding

Krista, Jose and their crazy awesome vintage Hartford wedding at the Bond Ballroom just about killed me with how cool and laid back it all was! That Krista embodied the ideal bride with her low stress level and willingness to do anything we wanted was the cherry on the top of the world’s best sundae…

And so we begin our tale…. it was a dark and stormy day…. like, for REAL!
see image below courtesy of the steady of iphone hand, my main second man, Mike Romano

Bad Moon film
download Bratz: Genie magic Read More

august ten eyck tuesday

Our August Ten Eyck Tuesday workshop this past month was sort of a test to see which direction I want to keep going. The verdict? FULL STEAM AHEAD!
To say we had a great time would be the world’s biggest understatement, and yes I know I say this every time. But I mean it every time! Not only were the participants full of energy and eager to improve on things, our ballroom dancing models were fearless, and up for anything!
Brick trailer

Tremors 4: The Legend Begins psp

So we did the shooting part Read More

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