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Carla Ten Eyck

May 2009

samar and shane mehndi wedding celebration at oak hill estate in ny

part one of three posts

Friday was the start of one of the most incredible events I have photographed to date: a three day Pakistani + Irish wedding at the Oak Hill estate in the Hudson River Valley. Do I honestly need to elaborate?? Oh but I will!! There was COLOR to spare, emotional, wonderful, loving people- and details like I have never seen before.
The first event we shot I brought along Mike, my steady second shooter and Katie and Graham, my associate photographers to cover Samar and Shane’s wedding(s). Yes, it was big enough to warrant Read More

vickie and cory new haven engagement shoot

Hold onto your hats my friends: we are about to have a CRIZ-AAAAZY month, or three coming up! Me, Mike, Katie and Graham are headed out for a four day shooting extravaganza in the Hudson River Valley to shoot a south asian wedding, and I could almost spin in my chair with excitement at 1:30 in the morning!! Followed up with a triple header the following weekend! I am really excited for all of the shooting and can’t wait to share. But HAD to get this post up before leaving, I know they are anxious to see some shots!! And Read More

tara and mark wedding at the new haven lawn club

Once upon a time there was a looooong blog post! Get ready, because you are in for a treat- filled with color, details, emotion and the cutest little kids, with the cutest little wreaths! Tara and Mark did their engagement shoot with Mike and I not too long ago up in Northampton. They are the nicest, sweetest, most smiley couple- and we had a great time getting to know them in their town. Then at their wedding on Saturday at the New Haven Lawn Club we got to meet all of their friends and families- and this is the part Read More

krista and jose hartford engagement shoot

Yesterdays’ weather was just not nice to me! What was UP with that??? Wednesday was nice, today is supposed to be nice, but Thursday? WHATEVER! Good thing that I love a challenge, right? OK, so the rain? Not so bad, I can work with that. But. I had a CONVERTIBLE for the day. So I was a little aggravated about the rain. But, check out what we rocked! And while you’re at it, meet our awesome clients Krista and Jose, who were so patient, fun and up for anything that Mike and I threw their way…. and Krista’s hair and Read More

may ten eyck tuesday

Our May class was full of bright and cheery photographers, ready to get their shoot on. Which was perfect since we had our first rainy Ten Eyck Tuesday since I started doing these last year! As some of you may know, I am not one to be scared by inclement weather, I am all BRING IT ON!!! about it. Much to our fearless model of the month’s dismay, the one and only Miss Amanda Harris Herzberger! She got all fancified for us, only for me to be like, no, seriously, let’s rock out in the rain! What a good Read More

happy mother’s day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Moms in the house! I hope everyone enjoyed the company of their Mom, or if you are a Mom yourself, I trust you were cuddled and snuggled and fawned over appropriately! Whether your Mom is living or not, I hope that you took the time to stop and appreciate all that your Mom has done for you and will continue to do for you. And yes, I realize that not all Mom’s are saints, Mom’s are people too who make mistakes and bad choices in life too. So celebrate THAT with a Read More

nicole and matias korean wedding ceremony

The Easter Egg Adventure movies
The day after our crazy beautiful Harkness Wedding with Nicole and Matias Mike and I took a ride down to Nicole’s parents for their more traditional Korean wedding ceremony. Their families were so hospitable, open and sharing of their home and space. Here is some of what we got from the afternoon!

The lush details had me in a frenzy, as you can imagine. I love the forks vs chopsticks shot, and who doesn’t love a pineapple?

The food was amazing….. and so beautiful

Mike was Mr. Mom Read More

nicole and matias wedding at harkness park

This past wedding weekend at Harkness Park in Waterford with Nicole and Matias was like the sort of proverbial starting gun for us here at the studio. I say sort of because we shot this weekend, but then we have Mother’s Day weekend off, because that is a sacred and holy weekend for all to honor thy Madre!! Yes, it is all about me getting pampered, snuggled and loved by my kids. OK, so we get a break and then FORGET ABOUT IT, we are off like a speeding bullet, we’ll see you in November!!
Escaflowne buy Read More

what would YOU do, part one in a series of many

The Contractor video
So there are times when the old adage ‘what would _____do?’ presents itself, and you actually stop and really wonder what say, MacGyver or Jim from the Office or Jesus would do in any given situation. Photographically speaking, I am not sure that I reference those three for inspiration, with no offense meant to anyone. I am sure MacGyver has a great eye and all.
I have since decided that one of my favorite things to see on photography blogs is the behind the scenes, or the making of the image. To me, there Read More

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