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December 2008

adios, 2008!

Wanted: Dead or Alive rip Short Circuit 2 movie download Aye Dios mio! 2008 is almost OUTTIE!! I am sad to see it go… it was a great year- but I am even more excited to ring in 2009…
Left Behind video I am working on a recap of the year- there are so many things to celebrate both personally and professionally…. but I’ll just touch on two of my professional favorites… one being the addition of my new team mate, Mr. Mike Romano! The second being the addition of my MVP, and Mike’s MVP I’d wager Read More

a very ten eyck christmas

Once we got downstairs…. the kids checked the note and the milk and cookies to see if Santa had fueled up at his stop at our place… and he HAD! Not only that, but he wrote a thank you note… a testament to his stellar manners ๐Ÿ™‚ He even neglected to mention that the cookies Dave and I left him were absolutely AWFUL- not my fault!! Dave is always trying new organic and ‘healthy’ recipes for sweets, and this one was a BOMB, according to Dave! I’m like, pass the oreos, homes!!

Reason #14,237 why I LOVE my Read More

Are We Married Yet??

There is a brand spanking new site out there dedicated entirely to excellent engagement photography called, appropriately… Are We Married Yet?
There’s a ton of wonderful work on it and I am honored to be the featured photographer for today!!! YAY!!
Stop by and show some CT love! I have to say, we are causing quite the stir in the industry by how consistently supportive we all are of each other…this is not the norm everywhere.. so we should be proud of what a sincere, tight knit photo community we have here in New England!
Hope Everyone had a Read More

snow day part two thousand and eight

The snow outside here in Connecticut is nothing short of beautiful & amazing- my family, and this includes my husband Dave- are all in their glory this weekend with it!! Now, my car would say other wise- but maybe it’ll be better after I get some snow tires on ‘er! ๐Ÿ˜›Here are some shots that I just could not resist taking of my family as they all played outside today- enjoy!
Poor Gigi- she has a tolerance for the snow of like 5 minutes! She went in and out ALL DAY- back in her snow suit, then back out, Read More

some ladies, and some laughs

Last night I got together with some close lady friends- Ralph Mouth aka Miss Robin Dini, the vocal GPS imitating stylings of Miss Eileen Broderick, and the super incognito Miss Julia of Salty Grapes fame- to shoot at Meriden’s Hubbard Park with all of the fancy schmancy holiday lights. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long long time, I swear!
Here are a few of my favorites- and all were shot by this train that my son Jack would just be foaming at the mouth for, right Val?
And can I get an AMEN for GPS’s- I know Read More

CT is rep-re-SENT-IN' on Style Me Pretty!

Garfield’s Fun Fest
Z.P.G. rip
So there is this really awesome wedding planning site called Style Me Pretty Death of a Salesman release
Danika ipod
– any wedding clients should check it out, it is AWESOME!!! So, they have a vendor blog called The Little Black Book Blog, and they have a feature up on ring shots…..aaannnddd…. I got featured! I am SO excited about this because the caliber of work on their site is just off the hook!

The Last House on the Left divx

Messenger of Death
Not to mention Read More

ten eyck tuesday dec 16 class was a freeze OUT!

***disclaimer*** I realize that I start off ALL of the Ten Eyck Tuesday posts with how much fun we had….. but FOR REAL I do have fun, each and every time like it’s my JOB! Wait. What? OK, it IS my job!! AND I LOVE MY FREAKING JOB!!!!!!
So stop hating on my fun recap and read ON:
The Reader move
download Oceans Eleven dvd

The second December Ten Eyck Tuesday installment was so much fun- this group was the A Number One CHATTIEST most caffeine addicted group I have ever had! They make Mike’s venti black eye Read More

chelsea + chris boston engagement shoot

On Friday Mike and I took a trip to Boston with our June 12 couple, Chelsea and Chris for their chilly but FUN engagement shoot. They were so easy to be with, fun, and talkative- that the day just flew by! We walked all over Boston even back to places that I had shot BM (before Mike) and PM (post Mike). All you health care professionals like the BM reference, admit it. So I clumsily tripped all over myself down my own memory lane- it was awesome!
Back on Earth: Chelsea and Chris planned out some great spots for Read More

favorite holiday movie

I’m not sure exactly why the cold weather and the holidays seem to bring about the whole ‘Let’s watch the same movie over and over again’ thing…. maybe it’s snuggling in with your significant other and re-living the funny moments again and again?
Dave and I had our date night last night and watched one of my all time favorite movies, Love Actually. Just everything about it makes me feel good- especially the fact that it’s not ALL happy endings. I really dig how so many different types of love are represented. Yes there are gaps but let Read More

i. officially. know. NOTHING!

OH MY GOD!!! I am about to rant, so RUN for your lives!!
download Africa Screams
I am going to just put myself out there and tell it: I HATE FIRST GRADE HOMEWORK!!!!
Danny the Dog full movie
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jr. trailer Chicken Run psp
Room 6 dvdrip
A Life Less Ordinary ipod
I can honestly tell you that nothing makes me feel more stupid and inadequate than trying to help my SIX YEAR OLD son with his homework at night! NOTHING!
You wanna debate RAW vs. JPEG?? BRING IT! (or not, Read More

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