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Carla Ten Eyck

September 2008

ali + anthony wedding at st. clement's castle

Friday’s wedding at St. Clement’s Castle with the Wooten – Tantillo clans was the beginning of the double header weekend that me, Mike and Miss Laurie Crutchfield had. And a big thanks to Mother Nature for keeping us on our toes!When I first met Ali, we sat and chatted for over two hours, she was almost late to work! Our conversation was so easy and fun, and we just loved talking about all of the details of their wedding and about life. The thing I love about Ali is she knew what she wanted from the beginning. Some people get Read More

Goal Number 56! CHECK!

May seem silly. But. I have a shoe problem as many of you may know. Now, what’s a shoe fetish if I can’t even wear the shoes that I covet??? What kind of mess is THAT. I ask you this.

I have decided to train my feet to be able to wear heels!!! So all day today I am wearing these hot little red heels that I just got at Target, which look amazingly like my very own Barbie shoes!! I have to say I am doing pretty fantastic.
I may even add this to my workshop Read More

sneak peek + special visitor

Ali & Anthony got married at St. Clements castle yesterday in the crazy rain and it was AWESOME!! I just had to post a quick peek before Mike and I (and the incredible Miss Laurie Crutchfield back for more C 10ike mentoring love!!) headed off to our second wedding of the weekend in the Northwest Hills of CT!Check out my team! The Distinguished Gentleman movie download
We had so much fun yesterday despite the weather and we are ready to roll today…let’s see what we come back with tonight!
The Road to El Dorado on dvdRead More

lauren + jamie wedding at harkness park in waterford

On Saturday Mike and I shot Lauren and Jamie’s wedding at Harkness Park in Waterford, which is such a great place to shoot- it’s easily one of my favorites. We had the best weather, clear blue skies and no humidity and everyone was in high spirits for the wedding.I got a little bit of a taste of my own medicine for part of the day… I had the Fantastic Face First Films aka Jeff Reilly with Bob 2.0 filming Mike and I! It was a lot of fun, mostly for the mics on us- Jeff could hear everything I Read More

happy ninth anniversary mr. ten eyck!

Today makes nine long and happy years of wedded bliss to my incredible husband, Dave. So in honor of being married to one of the world’s nicest guys (I am not the only one who thinks so, I think it is his unofficial title out in the world!) I have decided to list of NINE THINGS I LOVE ABOUT MY HUSBAND: (in no particular order, of course)
The Ultimate Gift
1) HIS UNWAVERING SUPPORT OF ME AND MY CAREER. From when we first met he was always there supporting me, even when I refused (yes, I did) to shoot weddings. Read More

The best part of going away

Is coming home…. Look what was waiting for me in the mailbox…!!

stephanie + greg sonoma engagement shoot

While in Sonoma I was lucky enough to be able to see my cousin Steph and her super gangly boyfriend Greg. They came up to visit Amanda and I are we went out to a vineyard, Gloria Ferrer (who’s specialty is sparking wine) had some vino and then ventured around Sonoma to shoot. We didn’t time our vineyard shoot all that well and didn’t have access to the actual fields like I had orignally wanted….but. When we drove in we spotted this truck in this field…..
And while they are not ‘technically’ engaged…. I am calling this an engagement shoot Read More

Sonoma photo shoot

Being There video

Horrors of War dvd The end of my trip finishes up with a bang shooting my corporate job
buy Pet Sematary II

Stop Making Sense hd

in Sonoma… We will be shooting 60 people from now until 11 pm…! Butterfly Effect: Revelation psp The art director we are working with is so much fun so this hardly LD 50 Lethal Dose hd
Comin’ Round the Mountain move

Hoot full movie

feels Read More

Check out our breakfast!

Yes, I know you east coasters have all been up for like HOURS and all but miss Harris and I just rolled into the fairmonts restaurant and got their brunch and it is CRAZY pretty and fabulous! Yeah, we're high

rollers! And yes. Those ARE mimosas!!! 🙂

Big sur

Dead Mary divx Scarface buy
Serpico video
LD 50 Lethal Dose on dvd Showdown in Little Tokyo

Missing in Action movie

The New Spirit video

Ricky Gervais Live: Animals trailer
Amanda and I are on our way to Carmel CA before hitting San Fran and
Lost in Translation film
then finally Sonoma… It's simply amazing out here I can't wait to
Sunshine movie
bring my family here someday soon!
buy No Sail

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