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Carla Ten Eyck

August 2008

mike, soon to be baby daddy

As many of you know- my boy Mike is expecting the arrival of his little guy this coming Wednesday… and all of us couldn’t be more excited for him and Kim!! Now, I LOVE surprises…. and I especially love surprising the self proclaimed unsurpriseable- not to mention that it’s just fun to do something nice for someone…! So it was inevitable that I do something for my buddy as he is about to enter into a whole other realm of life as he knows it!
Here are some fun shots from the surprise shower I threw last Thursday for Read More

my Super sweet sixteen on MTV

…well, not MY super sweet sixteen! Sunday brought the third super intense day of shooting this past weekend for Mike and I. Kiva Sutton asked us to second shoot this ‘super sweet’ gig with him, and of course we had to say yes!
This party was completely over the top- and a lot of fun as well! I really enjoyed the behind the scenes stuff we got to shoot as MTV was there as well shooting this for their popular show ‘My Super Sweet Sixteen.’ I have to say I was prepared for Cristina to be the Read More

liz + pepsi wedding at St. Clement’s Castle Portland CT

Saturday brought part two of our wedding adventures with our clients turned friends Liz & Pepsi. We had the most beautiful day for the outdoor ceremony on the grounds of St. Clement’s Castle. We started the day back at the Inn at Middletown, where we were the night before shooting their traditional Laotian Ceremony. While the girls got their hair and make up done by the very talented and super nice Dana Bartone (who I finally met face to face!) Mike and I shot some details in the bridal suite.
The ring shot is very simple and clean, for sure! Read More

first day of school aka carla gets her days back

Well…. so THIS is what it feels like….! Am I an empty- nester? I feel like I have been chasing my tail around for the past two hours, like, ‘OH! I have sooooo much free time to work and get stuff DONE! Now, what did I need to do again? Wait! Pay bills! OK, wait! no. I’m thirsty! Get some water! ok, no. no. wait. Answer the phone!Ok, that was good another wedding! OK, stop, now what was I doing? Oh! Oh! call Amanda back! Oh SHOOT my aunt is calling now for Georgie’s birthday tomorrow…! SHOOT! I gotta get Read More

liz + pepsi traditional laotion wedding

So Friday started with Liz getting prepped for her traditional Laotion wedding ceremony- where everything was new for her (and me and Mike, and honestly most of her family as well) It was incredibly interesting for me to see what everything symbolized and how everything meant something.One of the things I loved the most was the color- there was so much of it and it was just beautiful.
Kemper ipod
Part of Liz’s dressing involved a hairpiece cone kind of thing that fit on top of her head and was then wrapped up in gold jewels. It was so cool Read More

liz + pepsi laotian wedding SNEAK PEEK


Man on Wire movie download
Last night Mike and I shot the first of two weddings for Liz and Pepsi- yesterday’s was a traditional Laotion wedding ceremony and it was so beautiful, moving and intense! Not only for the ceremony and what it stood for but visually it was just a feast for my eyes…. I am about to leave for their second wedding at St. Clement’s Castle

The Mist video
Flash Point
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button dvd Brain Damage move and can’t wait to see what today Read More

Rediscovery Workshop Part Deux! IS BOOKED FOR OCTOBER

**October’s workshop is booked already, which is great but I wanted to remind people that I am doing this EVERY MONTH on the first Tuesday and I have spots open in November!
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever trailer

OK, I am FINALLY catching my breath enough to announce that I am going to start something that I have been wanting to implement since my last work shop in March- the SECOND workshop in a series of monthly workshops (the first Tuesday of each month) right here at my studio in Hartford, Connecticut, hosted by yours truly.
The Crow: Read More

anniversary shoot slideshow

Class of 1984 trailer A little while back Mike and I shot Bob 2.0 and the lovely Mrs. 2.0 (aka Jen) in some farm country n stuff! Well I made a little slide show for the 2.0’s- to a song that I think is only fitting since they are true high school sweethearts!!
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever release
Deadwater divx
The Dark Half move
Marnie film
Franklyn move

AWWWWW, right????
Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo
The X Files
Nighthawks psp
The Lost Boys ipod
The Mist buy Trying to think of that Read More

jenn + geoff wedding at the gershon fox room in hartford + slideshow

Mike and I started our Saturday wedding at the Gershon Fox Room in Hartford at the Professional Barber Shop on Pratt Street in Hartford- I have to tell you- this was AWESOME!!!! What a way for the guys to do it up! This place was the coolest barber shop and totally catered to the fellas… I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you gals go set something up for your men folk here, especially those of you getting married in the Hartford area- it was great!
There was plenty of ‘manly’ reading materialsThe hot towel on the face to prep looked like a Read More

Gershon Fox Room Wedding

I shot at the old G Fox Building now called the Gershon Fox Room last night for the first time and I LOVED it! One of the reasons is my old Hartford pride… I am a Hartford gal through and through and SO super proud of all of the good things that my little Hartford has going for it!
And THIS is most certainly one of them! This room is just full of art deco splendor and the interior design of the space is so different from anything out there that I just had to pre-empt my wedding post Read More

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