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Carla Ten Eyck

July 2008

Mayor Mike’s New Nine THIS Tuesday the 22nd!

I ALMOST let this one slip by without mentioning it- what am I busy or something?? 😉
But I would be remiss if didn’t let people know that this will be the fifth year I have shot Mayor Mike’s New Nine for Mayor Mike’s Restaurant in downtown Hartford. I have had the honor of being asked to document nine awesome people hand-picked by the former Mayor of Hartford as people who have in some way contributed to the success of Hartford as a community.
I love it not only because I love shooting it, but because I love all Read More

kim + baby romano = one cute little belly

As many of you may already know my big guy Mike is expecting a baby in September. Now when I found out that Kim was pregnant from that very second on I KNEW that I was going to do something super special and super top-secret for Mike. That was WAAAAYYY back in January, so I have been keeping this from Mike for a looong time and I was about ready to burst with excitement I just couldn’t wait for it!
Not sure if you notice or not but I tend to get a little excited about shoots….
So Kim Read More

amanda + jeff wedding slide show

I know I am a spaz with these many many posts from Amanda & Jeff’s wedding…. but! She is my GIRL!!!! So Miss Amanda…. here it is, your very own carla ten eyck photography slide show! Made with love and tears and some sparkly pink shoes!!!!
Fahrenheit 9/11 dvd
I love you!!!
From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money download The Grey Zone film Bad Taste
The Village Smithy release

Heat dvdrip
Skins movie download Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood download xxoo
One Eyed King psp

The Negotiator

amanda + jeff wedding at shelburne farms VT

Ahhhhhh…. post two of four, here we go!
So Amanda was super smart and started the day off with a yoga session with the most amazing instructor, Heidi. It was so peaced out and a great way to just mellow out and focus on what lies ahead….So during our session Heidi asks us to just be present and focus on Amanda and how much you love her and Jeff and well, that is IT! I am a mess, and can’t open my eyes (bc for this you are sitting outside listening to her voice and the wind and it’s beautiful Read More

amanda + jeff wedding (rehearsal) part 1 of 4

Prepare yourself, people! I am about to TEAR my blog UP with some Harris – Herzberger LOVE!This past weekend was my one weekend off this summer, sort of! One of my closest friends, Miss Amanda Harris, got married in Vermont this weekend and it was a wedding extravaganza-george-costanza-bonanza!! There was MADRAS and SEERSUCKER to SPARE! And hugs, and crying and strawberry mojitos and just the nicest group of people there to celebrate the marriage of two really wonderful and incredible people… So here goes!
Restless Natives full movie
Hook trailer

And on a little aside here, who Read More

i may be fat, but you’re UGLY and I can diet!

… or something! Not sure if you guys noticed or not, but I am overweight! Fluffy! Big! Plump! Healthy! Voluptuous! Or my personal favorite, Rubenesque!
Last night I had to have a kind of funny but honestly really sad talk with my sweet heart of a son, Jack. He’s five.
We were sitting at dinner and he looks over at me with his big brown eyes and says in this little quivery voice
‘Momma, my friend said you were fat.’
And I am like, Well DUH! But not really… I said very matter of factly, ‘ Well honey, Read More

bob 2.0 + jen anniversary shoot

Sunday Mike and I had one of the most fun shoots- it was an Anniversary Shoot for Bob 2.0 and his wife Jen in the central western part of the state. One of the only stipulations was that we wanted to shoot near horses so I called my good friend Julia who just happens to own a horse farm in West Granby and she was more than happy to let us come shoot at her place!So on the way we drove through Simsbury and there is this field that Mike and I LOVE that has this cool old stone barn Read More

cathy + nic wedding at the tower hill botanical gardens

Cathy and Nic were married at one of the coolest places- The Tower Hill Botanical Garden outside of Worcester MA- and had their reception in an ORANGERIE!! I just love saying the word! Orangerie! Orangerie!Mike and I had fun shooting Cathy in the salon, she looks so adorable!Here Cathy and her girls check out the guest book that Mike and I did. (for those of you that don’t know, we put together a coffee table book for guests to sign in on of their engagement shoot images)Another under the dress detail shot- I am really enjoying the abstractness of these Read More

Fireworks in action

Intervention trailer

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download The Hills Have Eyes II dvd

Eyes of a Stranger trailer

Flame of Barbary Coast trailer
December Boys full movie Antitrust buy
Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore rip
Hartford's riverfest does it up city-style this year!
Jack Squad video Trigger Man rip
The Puffy Chair divx

Foggy fifth

Afro Samurai: Resurrection buy Primary Colors movie
It is super foggy down in GLP! Fog is my favorite weather to shoot in…. I dare say I like it even more than lens flare!!! Not that that Edge of Madness divx
Dodsworth divx Code 46 video
is 'weather' but you get me. It is so fleeting and random and
Igby Goes Down movie full
Flame of Barbary Coast movie
Herr Meets Hare release
The Apple Dumpling Gang dvd
Keeping the Faith hd
beautiful I wish Read More

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