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Carla Ten Eyck

July 2008

2008 PUG photographers retreat

This past Monday & Tuesday about 28 photographers from across this great state that we call Connecticut and some folks from MA, NJ and NY converged on Amanda Harris Herzberger’s family lake house in the Berkshires for our second annual PUG retreat!! It was very relaxing and motivating and I left with a renewed sense of direction and purpose with my business.
The only scheduled class, so to speak was when Mary & Justin sat us all down and we wrote what we struggle with in the five areas of life: personal; family; spiritual; business and financial. We then did Read More

michele + brian wedding at the garrison NY

When I first met with Michele & Brian and they told me about this place, the Garrison in NY, they talked about the view and how beautiful it was. I checked it out online and though, ‘yeah it is pretty’ but when Mike and I got there this past Saturday we were just so excited with how much prettier it is in person! Not to mention that the placement of the ballroom and ceremony site couldn’t be any better with where the sun sets! It’s just beautiful- and the people who work there were SO nice and a pleasure to Read More


You think you’ve seen me freak out on a shoot? Heard me hootin’ and hollerin’ over the light and how awesome it is? How everything is just ‘OH MY GAWD!!!!’ And then more yellin’ and stuff…?
Gattaca download Well….you should have SEEN me last NIGHT!! OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!!!!
B.T.K. dvdrip
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby movie download Dave and I decided to do a family date night (we normally go on a just a mommy & daddy date night every Friday) to check out the sunflower fields at the Buttonwood Farm in Griswold. I have been Read More

mayor mike's update!

Puffball film Last night was such a blast, I want to thank everyone who came out to support not only me but all of the new nine that are currently hanging on the wall! It was a great crowd of people and I had so much fun with my family and friends… so thanks everyone!
So I brought my camera because I SWORE I was going to document it this year but Miss Amanda Harris Herzberger stripped me of my D3 and did the honors! Which was kind of nice for me to just focus on the people’s reactions Read More

T Minus 4 hours

Eraserhead divx
download If I Had Known I Was a Genius dvd See you at Mayor Mike’s tonight! The unveiling is set for 7:00 but GET THERE EARLY (doors open at 5:00) it can get pretty packed and then there is a line, and then you’re like, WAITING and then you might like MISS IT and stuff…! So come on down, have a nice cold drink with me and chat!
If you can only get there late, still come support something good in Hartford!
Puffball release

Rescue Dog release

Lakeview Terrace move
Robin Hood: Read More

samira + patrick wedding at racebrook country club

OK, so here is the butterfly inducing wedding of Samira & Patrick at the Racebrook Country Club in Orange where I was AAF (all a flutter)! My main big guy Mike Bad Taste buy was off galavanting in California for a family wedding (check his blog he got some great shots from his wedding!)and so I had the super talented Eric from RAW Photo Design
Demolition Man film
tag in for some Carla Ten Eyck super fun shooting time!
Now I had probably shot Samira’s beautiful custom made dress like 12 different ways and mostly in Read More

ha ha ha! Check ME out!

So every year I do Mayor Mike’s they do a little write up in the Courant about the show, and pretty much every year they neglect to even mention my NAME, let alone give me any kind of props for shooting!
This year someone must have made a phone call…. which I am thankful for! I guess I am in today’s Hartord Courant blabbing on and on about stuff… kind of like now!!!
It is also online as well, but no picture of me, that is only in the hard copy.
You can check it out HERE

amanda + jeff PHOTO BOOTH MADNESS!!!

Rush release
The Young One divx
Aquamarine hd

Rambo: First Blood Part II hd Total Recall hd
Legally Blondes

Airplane II: The Sequel movie The Unforgettable Benny Hill dvd Mr. Michael Romano did the honors and rocked this super fun and super ridiculous photo booth AND slide show!!I am so glad Amanda wanted this, it really adds a fun element to a wedding!

The Hangover movie download

A Woman of Substance movie download

Far North hd
Right at Your Door Read More

do you STILL get butterflies??

Airplane II: The Sequel C.H.U.D. psp
download The Hard Word movie

Freedom Writers full

Wow, yesterday’s wedding at the Racebrook Country Club had me all a-flutter for several reasons-I just still get a nervous excitement before each wedding- not nervous in that sense but in like, what kind of crazy fun stuff am I shooting today and what new things will I try- how can i push myself?
Then when I am shooting I just get all AMPED and fluttery and kind of have Read More

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