Eyes up, heart open

Carla Ten Eyck

June 2008

christine + mike e shoot

Love shooting the rings and this shoot was certainly no exception! We started our shoot in my ‘hood in good old Hartford at the Highland Bowl- it’s a duck pin bowling alley that is lots of fun. Christine is a serious bowler so this evened the playing field for Mike a bit! But only a bit, my girl still killed it!
There were so many colorful balls here, this shot was just a given, for me!One of the things that I like to do to Mike (my shooter Mike, not our groom!) is to throw him under the bus a Read More

geoff + kate wedding slide show

Gunsmoke: The Long Ride hd Here is Geoff Boka and Kate Schwabe’s wedding slide show!

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Ed Wood
2010 video El Cartel full

jeff + becky wedding slide show

Here is the slide show for Jeff & Becky’s wedding…! Enjoy!

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geoff boka + kate wedding in middlebury ct

Last Saturday I shot Geoff Boka’s wedding at a private residence in Middlebury. It was so wonderful and crazy and I could have easily posted a million more shots to tell the full story of the day- there were so many layers to it! The weather alone created such a story element, we started the ceremony, had to stop and run for cover in the garage and then go back for round two- then couldn’t go to the tent for the reception so the whole wedding had to hang out in Geoff’s brothers’ house until the coast was clear- not Read More

more seminar images!

Freedom Writers psp Here are some of the images that I got that I am happiest about from the awesome Michelle Turner seminar I was at this past Monday and Tuesday…
Make sure you check out Mike’s shots HERE! That boy never ceases to amaze me with his clever eye and his debonair charm
I tried something that felt a little counterintuitive to this shot- I dramatically toned down the colors of the shot and gave it a cool feel to it.
Vanity Fair dvdrip
The whole seminar I really tried to frame shots up in Read More

michelle turner seminar

Mike and I are right smack in the middle of attending Michelle Turner’s two day shooting intensive seminar in the Boston area- and we are having a great time shooting, networking and learning some new techniques.There is nothing I like more than a refresher on anything photography related and Michelle is kicking our butts in the best way! She is high-energy and moves quick, kind of like Mike… 🙂
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Michelle is an established and very talented destination wedding photographer based Read More

Back to school!

Bug psp Friday the 13th Part 2 trailer
Mike and I are at michelle turner's seminar in Boston right NOW!
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kate + adam wedding at camp bournedale ma

Kate had red wedding shoes. Yes! She did! And did Mike and I love her for it…! So we shot these bad boys to death…they’re patent leather! And Red! I put these in the shelf of one of the cabins and used Kubota’s 300-esgue from his new Artistic Actions Version Four- bu I did do a little pre-action tweaking in Lightroom (lightened the whites, deepened the blacks and took a little of the yellow out before running my action- also vignetted it in LR)There were clotheslines everywhere…it is a summer camp after all… so I just knew that would figure Read More

Happy father's day!

War of the Worlds movie download

I am at ichiro right now with my dad for father's day at the most
The Skulls III hd
Humanity’s End release awesome hibachi and sushi restaurant!! (twice this week!!) it is sooooooooo good! I have a special post coming up for my baby daddy, daddy-o Dave Ten Eyck coming up…! Happy father's day to all the pappy's in the house!
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buy S. Read More

charisse + tom wedding at the inn at longshore

The first of our double header wedding weekend started off with one of my favorite couples, Tom & Charisse at the Inn at Longshore in Westport. We had such incredible weather and light, Mike and I were pumped!I think this is one of my favorite shoe shots so far… my girl Charisse was awesome and brought something personal for me to incorporate into my detail shots since she was not getting ready at her home. So she brought T passes that Tom had saved from when they first started dating! How cool are they? I love them because they are Read More

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