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Carla Ten Eyck

May 2008

eric + amber anniversary shoot

Live Animals dvd

OK, here it is, FINALLY!! Sorry for the delay I am just catching my breath (barely) before running off to shoot with Steve Depino at The Branford House this fine Saturday afternoon! Let’s see what the weather will do…!
I Sell the Dead
Mike and I photographed the super hot couple that is Eric and Amber Langlois of the fabulous RAW Photo Design last weekend, the third of our Memorial Day Weekend Shooting Craziness. This was an anniversary shoot we did (as they are already married)! What’s an anniversary shoot, you say? Well, it’s Read More

eric + amber (sneak peek TOO)

download Shattered Glass dvd Mike
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen full movie
is a jerk for posting a sneak peek before I’m ready to post my ENTIRE peek!! So I am forced to post a sneak too!
The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends
Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story film
This was a super steamy shoot on day three of our shooting craziness! Very sultry, and very fun! We shot Eric from RAW Photo Design Star Trek III: The Search for Spock video and his wife Amber for Read More

kate + adam boston e shoot

I’m going out of order a bit in chronicling our Memorial Day Shooting Bonanza (sorry Eric & Amber!) but I am still working up your images but wanted to get these up ASAP! Kate and Adam are getting married next week at one of the coolest places for a wedding…. a SUMMER CAMP! You HEARD?? Yeah, I am beyond psyched about their wedding, I love quirky and I love me some s’mores! Not sure if they are rockin’ those or not but there IS talk of a bonfire and all… so… hint hint! 😉
Well let’s have ourselves a little Read More

liz + pepsi fairfield e shoot

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! film

The second shoot of our Memorial Day Weekend Shooting Bonanza included the lovely Liz and dashing Pepsi showing us a crazy good time! I knew it was going to be fun when they suggested we shoot at Archie Moore’s… known for their delicious wings! My mouth is watering just typing this…. So I was all over this, as was Mike, big shocker that the two of us would be excited about starting off a shoot with wings and beers!! Huh.And yes, comment on about the irony of Read More

Video wedding conference!

Matt Wagner and I are having a high tech pre wedding meeting with the
download Chef Donald Courage Under Fire movie

I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang movie

Billy Rose’s Jumbo release

buy Newcastle
future mrs. Geoff boka and the current geoff boka!
On the Trail of the Iguana release
Real Time ipod
Monster House film
Against the Dark aka Last Night psp
buy Saturday Night Live: The Best of Adam Sandler

Rain day

Yay! I finally figured out how to post from my iphone! And for all you smarty pants out there, it is NOT difficult to do, I just had not allotted enough time to look into it… 😛
Clash of the Titans dvdrip The Beguiled trailer
Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj dvd

The Punisher divx

The Last Temptation of Christ dvd

The Purple Plain video

Good Hair hd

Jack and Georgie are lovin’ the downpour we just got hit with. And yes, Georgie is in a bathing suit.
Beyond Read More


So a few things. Finally, finally FINALLY my boy Mike set up a blog. And yes I am blowing up his spot by posting the link now because it’s new and he hasn’t really set it up yet how he wants it but I kinda feel like he needs a kick in the a$$ to get it going, no? So kick him please! Check it out HERE
Not to mention he is now graduating to having his VERY OWN blog label! He’s a big boy now!
Now that wasn’t the random part- so we were setting it up at Read More

lisa + jonathan wedding at the River House

Lisa and Jonathan were married at the new River House at Goodspeed Love in the Time of Cholera in Haddam last week, and was it beautiful! We had the most incredible weather and were able to catch some really fun stuff from their wedding…check it out!
Lisa is a fellow iphone junkie so we decided to shoot her details with the iphone
download Weirdsville movie
Numb dvdrip The Story of Jesus for Children trailer
Paul Bunyan ipod
Emma hd
Jonathan’s daughter Gabby was the flower girl and was absolutely adorable

Lawrence Read More

jeff reilly + becky reilly sneak peek

Take the Lead movie download
Final Destination 4 hd OK OK!! I just could NOT wait to post a quick sneak into last night’s incredible, awesome, beautiful and yes, you guessed it, incredibly EMOTIONAL wedding of my good friends Jeff & Becky Reilly at The Water’s Edge in Westbrook CT!!!
The weather couldn’t have been more perfect… I’ll have a looooong post coming about this soon! Steve and I had a blast shooting all day, check back for more soon!
Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas movie download
Last Holiday download
Baghead ipod
Oceans Eleven Read More

michelle + brian NYC e shoot

Dead Heist rip
We did most of our shoot on the Columbia Campus, but also hit up a few other spots throughout the day…

Battle for Haditha movie download

Kokoda download

Man Hunt movie download
One of the highlights was stopping in at the diner that was most likely made famous by being the featured ‘Restaurant’ on Seinfeld where they ate every day. Not for that reason, although I admit that was cool, but because I had the BEST FREAKING milk shake EVER in the history of the world! P-I-S-T-A-C-I-O. Yeah, you Read More

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